Search engine marketing: White hat and black hat SEOs are

well known, white hat seo is always innocent good person, and black hat seo is the bad person in the eyes of search engines. In an ideal situation, the good guys should defeat the bad guys, but this is limited to the blue screen of the TV, not the computer.

In fact, this is no longer a competition between whites and blacks. Instead, the emergence of new fields, some black hat technologies are also considered ethical. For example, the use of keywords. According to the ethical white hat regulations, keywords should not be used too many times on the website, but there are no official restrictions on the use of keywords. No search engine specifies the exact number of keywords that can be safely used on a website to ensure a safe search engine marketing technique.

What we are trying to summarize here is that no search engine marketing service is completely ethical or completely unethical in its real existence. It’s just how you execute it and how search engines analyze it. They either praise it or get banned. If your search engine marketing techniques annoy the search engines, they may completely abolish your search engine rankings, and vice versa. We recommend that you continue to try a variety of online promotion techniques, and evaluate for yourself, to see how search engines respond to your search engine marketing measures, rather than just judging by good or bad. Rather than being classified as a white hat search engine optimization or black hat search engine optimization it is better known as a good search engine optimization. What do you say?

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