Search engine myth exposed-useful advice or just marketing hype?

Anyone interested in making money online, whether through a retail website or through affiliate marketing, knows the importance of having a website that ranks high in search engine results pages. Unless you have a well-known brand, you will need help from search engines to attract traffic to your website. Since Google attracts nearly half of all search requests on the Internet, ranking high in a particular search engine is crucial. According to the source, it is also difficult to do. In fact, there are countless books and consultants that provide advice on search engine optimization so that you can outperform your competitors on the search results page.

Jonathan Leger, who has been engaged in network marketing/programmer/writer for a long time, said that it is a myth that it is difficult to rank in Google search results pages. In order to eliminate these misunderstandings, he wrote a 47-page report. For “search engine myth exposure.” “In this report, Jonathan tried to dispel some popular rumors about how search engines work and how difficult it is to make them work for you. The

exposed search engine myths cover many Google-related topics, and Jon said these are all is misleading or downright lie:

Google omniscient

duplicate content will hurt you

must focus on your site’s ranking in a theme

links from unrelated sites to help you have not

you must update the content regularly

good Pagerank automatically lead to higher ranked

get good rankings in the SERP is very difficult

Each topic is discussed in detail, and Jonathan provides some concrete examples of the success of websites, even though these websites seem to violate long-held rules. Although breaking all these “rules” without any clear plan may not help, it is possible to rank high on Google if you don’t strictly follow every rule. Most importantly, Jonathan pointed out that it is neither difficult nor expensive for your website to rank well on a particular topic, and you don’t need the help of an expensive search engine optimization consultant to be successful. For anyone interested in getting their website ranked high in the major search engines, the search engine myth exposure is a must-read book.

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