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Let’s put it bluntly one thing, search engine optimization (SEO), you can teach to the public, but few people are willing to methodically through the steps, on a consistent basis, to achieve and maintain its website The final ranking.

The purpose of this article is to simply touch the cycle of events to improve your current website’s ranking in search engines, and then maintain these levels for a long time.

Here are the 10 steps required for proper search engine optimization. Below is a very brief description. There are many tools that allow you to perform the analysis required to generate critical data. In order to effectively optimize your website, you need this data.

Make sure your competitors
you think the most common keywords for analysis. Look at those sites that rank higher than you in search engine results. This is your competitor. Create a list of the top five websites, and then go to the second step.

Quality link building
who find link partners are competitors? Make every effort to connect partners with high-quality websites. There is great value in linking to high-quality websites. Find out who is related to your competitors. Get the highest ranking (quality) sites they link to, contact those sites, and establish link partnerships.

Keyword analysis on the game
that allows you to optimize your site for the same keywords. You will want to look at the websites of your competitors and optimize the content of these specific keywords on your website to be more effective than your competitors. Keyword density, the frequency with which a particular keyword appears on your website, is essential for achieving high rankings in search engines.

Rinse and repeat
steps 1-3 is the basis of search engine optimization. What you are doing is building a highly adjusted website and search engine strategy that enables you to beat your competitors, your website and your website’s exposure on search engines. Repeat steps 1-3, as many keywords/phrases as possible to create the greatest exposure for your website.

Your keywords
Create a list of keywords/phrases that you did not encounter in the assessment and find out how popular these keywords/phrases are. You may find a niche that your competitors do not have, and therefore create more exposure for your website. You obviously want to inject these keywords/phrases into your website.

We go under the hood to
only have competitors keywords and link partner is not enough, you need to patch behind the scenes, in the “under the hood” of your website to really soak it up! Put your main keywords/phrases and place them very effectively in your page title and your website’s meta description. This is absolutely necessary if you want to rank high in search engines.

Keyword density (keywords/total words)
is simple. Use but don’t overuse the main keywords that appear in the page title and meta description. You want these keywords to appear on the page as early as possible, but in a syntax-friendly format. It is “impossible” to list keywords/phrases randomly on the page. The text content should be read well and fluently. The more keywords you can put in your content, the higher the keyword density. The Alt mark and Header mark increase the keyword density.

Submit your site
to your site need to be submitted to the major search engines, so that it is timely to see. Google, MSN and Yahoo, as well as other major websites, all allow you to submit your website for review. It is recommended to submit only a few pages to a few major search engines every day. You don’t want to do this every day. Excessive submission is a bad thing in the search engine field. Submit our pages several times a week until you know that you have been indexed.

Check the index
into your chosen search engine, enter a keyword / phrase that interest you and see if your site has been indexed. You may need to traverse multiple pages to find your URL. Once you find your URL, you know that you have been indexed. You may need a few weeks to index.

Continue to improve
Your search engine optimization work has never been completed. Ranking in search engines is just the beginning. The job of successfully ranking high in search engines will never end. This is because this is an exhausting, never-ending process, and most people fail in search engine optimization. We wish you good luck in optimization

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