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content is king! Yes, I know I am shouting, but you need to know how important this is. The content of your website is the most important thing. If you do nothing, make sure you have relevant content and enough search engines, spiders, etc. to find your website. If you can’t find it, what’s the use?

Can I do search engine optimization by myself? Of course, if you have time and patience. Many people expect to be met immediately. Search engine optimization results will not happen overnight. It is a slow and steady process to do proper search engine optimization, with proper progress. I tell my clients the advice I received, if a search engine optimization company or individual guarantees that your website will be ranked first in the search engines of Google, MSN and Yahoo in a short period of time. I say RUN. The only rare exception I have experienced is a product or service, which is a unique concept, or a product or service, in which case it will have its own unique keywords, meta tags, Content and no competitors; therefore, in this case, it is likely to rank first in Google, MSN and Yahoo. Most products and services have competitors, no one can honestly guarantee to occupy a leading position in all major search engines, and all reputable search engine optimization experts are eager to help their customers get as high as possible in all search engines The ranking… It requires dedication, determination, time and work. It is also important to realize that most people will not browse search engine listings longer than three pages. Although everyone wants to find every keyword they think is important on the first page, in fact, there are only 10 positions on the first page, and there are 30 positions in total before most people start searching for different keywords .

Know what you want. If you are looking for more traffic and customer/customer drive to your website. Great, but what do you want them to do as soon as they arrive? Buy a product or service? Sign up for a newsletter? apply for job? Wait, if you are doing search engine optimization on your own, you will need a clear goal or performance plan, what you want to achieve, even if you want to hire someone to optimize your website, you also need to teach your vision, you want your website.

Whether you are optimizing your website or hiring someone to optimize your website, it’s vital to understand your website’s baseline statistics and initial reports. If you don’t know what the starting point is, how do you know if your website has been improved? There are many tools available for search engine optimization and many combinations of these tools can be used to provide the greatest results for your website. Many people just rely on page rankings or the latest algorithms. Updates in search engines change frequently, and ups and downs are normal. It is futile to worry about the next change. The most cautious advice I can teach is to read, learn and hone your skills in all areas of SEO. If one does not want to spend time, I strongly recommend hiring a SEO professional who specializes in white hat techniques.

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