Search engine optimization and search engine forums and conferences: are they really useful?

Working in the search engine optimization/scanning electron microscope industry is very beneficial. Many times, a problem can be solved simply through a little online survey and posts on several forums.

However, under normal circumstances, some people put too much stock on the posts they see, which ultimately has a negative impact on their search engine optimization efforts.

In this article, I looked at some positive and negative online forums and participated in SEM and SEO conferences.

As part of my daily life, I visit some search engine forums to see what people are talking about and what some people notice.

Sometimes I will encounter real gems-I can put them in the back, or use them on my currently busy clients.

But usually, the information you see is actually the wrong information in some cases. Therefore, one must rely very carefully on what is said on a forum.

A good example is that Google Dance once happened.

It is at this time that webmasters will look at Google, and when their ranking drops by one or more positions, they start to sweat. Some webmasters didn’t sleep at all during the dancing days.

Many times, you will visit some popular forums and see all kinds of guesses and guesses about what Google is doing.

My favorite post is “This happened on my website, so this must be something Google is doing.” However, this poor guy always bases his thoughts on what he sees on a website The effect.

This is a flaw in these forums. This is not to say that the forum itself is flawed, but that in some cases, people publish articles on the forum and make bold statements about the current state of the engine, but there is little evidence.

Their “facts” are based on observations made on one or two websites in a day or two.

Generally speaking, these types of posts are quickly debunked as myths, but sometimes they cause more harm than good.

This is because there are other people who know less, they read these posts and treat them as facts, when in fact they are just guesses.

It’s not just forums that are happening.

Many large forums now have planned events—conferences and the like—and you can now listen to those who post regularly.

But what I worry about is not the arrangement of the speech, but the guesswork before and after the speech.

I can’t tell you how many times my clients have come back from Webmasterworld conferences or search engine strategy with ideas on how to move forward, even though I know that many of these “theories” are wrong, or at least flawed.

You see, there are a lot of social activities in these activities.

You can sit down and eat their delicious box lunch, and then chat with the person next to you. Before you realize it, you are sharing ideas, and then you know that he has solved all your problems. Or at least you think he has.

But how much do you know about the person you were talking to? How can you be sure that what he told you is correct?

This is the problem I have dealt with in the past. Many times, forums and conferences can be revoked within 3 to 4 days of things that you have spent months or years building up-this is what your customers really know about you Appreciation of what you are talking about.

Here is an example:

We once had a client from a university. Things are going pretty smoothly, changes are going on, and the website’s ranking is starting to be pretty good.

The client thought it was a good idea to attend a webmaster meeting. We recommend her to participate, but don’t overemphasize what she has heard. This is because the conference she attended was not a “large” conference like WMW or SES, but a regional conference held by a local SEO company.

However, when she came back, she was full of ideas on how to “help” me do my job better.

For example, turn off her URL rewriter, because the search engine can index dynamic content. “The meta tag is deleted because “search engines will never use these things anyway” stop all link building because “building links can get you banned. Holmium

Well, you can guess what happened next – the site in search engines stalled, after no improvement. We begged her to get us back on track, but she was unwilling.

In the end, the client was dissatisfied with the result and cancelled, but we were never allowed to do the hired work.

All this is because she regards what she heard in the meeting as the truth that ends all the truth.

I am not saying that what she was told at the meeting was wrong. In fact, I tend to believe that what she was told was basically correct. Anyway, from attending the meeting to coming back to work with us, she has determined that she somehow knows SEO better than me.

She probably distorted what she heard. Instead of—search engines don’t use meta tags—she may have heard that—ost search engines do not look at meta keyword tags. Holmium

instead of holmium Xi ink accumulated damage your rankings holmium she probably really heard holmium Shibuya establish the correct link will damage your rankings. Holmium

I think she misunderstood what she heard, or heard of her misunderstanding became something else.

Therefore, if you are a website owner, please do not assume that everything you read/hear in the industry space is correct. If I find anything, you must question everything.

Even if this is what a famous industry expert said, you still have a responsibility to question it.

After all, if the “experts” are wrong, and your internet marketing decisions are based on what they say, then only one person should be blamed, and not necessarily an expert.

Similarly, if you have read something on the forum, be sure to double-check against some other reliable sources.

For example, if you have read something on the Webmasterworld forum, don’t be afraid to question its capabilities in the Searchenginewatch forum. Go one step further and ask a few more places until you get a satisfactory answer. Because although there are a lot of gray things working in our industry and what doesn’t work, there are some hard and fast rules for search engine optimization. One will help your website and one will hurt you.

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