Search engine optimization: as simple as 123.

In the online world, search engine optimization is an important part of any website. If you can get stable traffic from search engines, then you will have a good foundation to develop your website.

Here are some important factors to consider optimizing your website.

The first thing you should do is keyword research. You should realize that there are some keywords and phrases that you can’t compete at all because they are dominated by authoritative websites. When you do research, you should consider how many times a phrase is searched a month, how many websites you will compete with, and how optimized these websites are.

When you decide which phrase to optimize, one of the most important factors is the keyword density of the page. Ideally, your goal should be a density of 5-8%. You should also try to put keywords in the most natural place. Instead of putting them all in the first paragraph, spread them as naturally as possible across the page. Try to put your keywords at the beginning and end of the page.

The most important part of search engine optimization is the backlinks to the site. Search engines treat your website link as a “vote” for it. However, this simply means that the more you have, the better. First of all, you should try to link to you related websites. If your website is about dog training, and then find other websites about dog training, you may be interested in exchanging links with you. When you exchange links with other websites, you should use keyword anchor text for your links. Suppose the phrases you want to rank high in search engines are “dog training techniques,” then these are the words you use to link to your website. This can be done easily with html. When starting a backlink campaign, you should also try to make it natural. If you don’t link to your website three hundred a day, then search engines will doubt your activity, but if you get 5-10 links per day on a consistent basis, then it will look more natural and they will lead to more High ranking.

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