Search engine optimization competition: good or bad?

As a webmaster, you may already know what a search engine optimization contest is, or you will definitely meet them or even participate in them. Some of the major SEO contests are v7ndotcom elursrebmem (provided by, Ambachdotcom, Carcasherdotcom, and most recently Cpayscom2 online casino. The winner is ranked first on MSN and earns $10,000. The biggest question now is whether it is good or bad to organize search engine optimization competitions.

Let’s start with the organizers of the SEO contest. For the website that organizes the competition, this is undoubtedly a good thing, because the search engine optimization competition will bring thousands of backlinks in a shorter period of time. If the link building works normally, that is, the directory submission, the article submission Wait. The bad side is that the website will get a lot of irrelevant links, because many participating websites don’t know the topic of the competition. For example, the website that organizes the competition is about acne, and most participating websites are talking about search engine optimization. Definitely irrelevant links they will get.

Let us now discuss the participants. For him, participating in a search engine optimization contest can only do a good job, because he will do his best to rank a keyword and there are 0 contests. So in short, this is a good way to test his SEO skills, but also to learn new techniques and improve himself.

When organizing a search engine optimization contest, webmasters all over the world know this. Thousands of webmasters will participate in the contest and create millions of web pages in a short period of time. Do search engines think this is spam? No one knows…but I personally think that after the competition, the participating websites should be deleted, because many of them have no value online. For example, a website talking about SEO ranking keywords “acne” related things is completely useless, don’t you think? All in all, there are good and bad search engine optimization competitions. But I think it’s a good idea to delete the participating websites from the Internet once the competition is over. Many people may disagree with this view, but we should also consider ordinary netizens, because not everyone who surfs the Internet is a webmaster.

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