Search Engine Optimization: How to get people to visit your website

that you spent a lot of effort to design a website, either for yourself or for your business. You even put one of the counters at the bottom. Unfortunately, this counter moves very slowly, if at all. How do you let more people see your efforts?

There is a special term for this problem: search engine optimization. When you enter a word in the search box of your favorite search engine, there will be a ranking system to determine which sites are at the top of the list. The higher the position of a website in the search list, the more likely searchers are to choose to visit the website.

The trick is how to make your website higher in these rankings, or search engine optimization (SEO). After all, this is a very popular question. Who doesn’t want more visitors to visit their website? There are many books, articles and websites dedicated to search engine optimization techniques. Here are just some samples.

Search engine optimization includes studying the coding, structure and display of search engines to determine the ranking of the website. When you consider that no search engine indexes more than 16% of web pages, you will find that it is very important to find out how each search engine works.

This research should be done by people with Internet expertise, it can find a problem, that is, the search engine web crawlers can not fully explore your website. There are consultants who are specifically responsible for discovering and solving these problems. It is important to remember that although search engines provide SEO guidelines, they do not list all the factors they consider in rankings. Google alone stated that it uses more than 200 different factors.

If a search engine optimization consultant or company has determined that there is no technical issue that makes your website rank high, you can improve the ranking of a website by ensuring that it has unique content so that it can be easily edited by those search engines Indexed. Try to make your web content truly unique. For example, you can add information specific to your region. Or, you can add additional information that is not easy to find on other sites, such as your company’s product information.

These are some of the correct ways to optimize the use of search engines. Of course, there are also wrong methods. For example, there is a “spamdexing”, which involves repeating irrelevant keywords to deceive the web crawlers of search engines and make it rank higher for a website. A site that repeats a term unnecessarily, such as “SEO” may rank higher than a site that rarely mentions the term but provides more actual information.

Another search engine optimization technique to avoid is the use of link fields. Search engines sometimes rank websites based on the number of hyperlinks in the text. A “link field” is a group of websites that link to every other website in the group.

Search engine administrators and web users do not like these and similar technologies. Search engines have discovered that this deception technique may not only lower the ranking of websites that use them, but can even completely delete websites from the search engine’s database. This has happened, not just for night flights, the type of snake oil salesman. This even happened to famous international companies.

The best and easiest way to optimize search engine rankings may be to spend extra time and effort to meet the guidelines of each search engine. Remember what a typical search engine user is looking for when looking for a website like yours. “Do not do to others what you do not want to do to others” can undoubtedly get higher rankings in various search engines.

If your website is to generate business, it is definitely worth the extra time and money for SEO. However, remember that the Internet is changing rapidly. Even the best search engine optimization research does not necessarily lead to higher search engine rankings. Although search engines are an important way to attract people’s attention to your website, they shouldn’t be the only method you use. Research shows that getting links from other websites is more beneficial to your website. However, by investing in search engine optimization, you can generate more legitimacy for your website.

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