Search engine optimization is absolutely basic

search engine optimization process is to make your website search engine ranking list maximization. To get a high ranking, the most important considerations are: the keywords you use, your title, your description, your website text, and the links other people provide to your website.

To start choosing keywords, consider what words and phrases the person you want to contact will search for. When placing keywords in keyword tags, it’s better to use stages rather than individual words. Almost all words are very widely used, so they don’t tend to generate high rankings. Keyword phrases can better suit your business. Moreover, because phrase searches produce fewer results, people are more inclined to search for them. It is also a good idea to generate a list of keyword phrases for each page of your website. If you must include words that are difficult to spell, it is best to also include some common spelling errors of these words.

Titles are as important as keywords, if not more important. Most search engines put the words found in the title in the most important position when calculating rankings. You should put your most important keyword phrases before the title, because some search engines limit the number of characters you can use. Make your title a readable sentence, because this is the first text that will appear in your list on the results page. One thing you should avoid is to simply list keywords. This may be viewed by search engines as keyword spam, and may reduce your search rankings or even remove your listing from the site. As with keywords, it is a good idea to give each page a unique title.

In your description, you should use your best keyword phrases again. In this case, you can use more characters, because search engines usually give you about 1024 characters as a description, and they only provide about 50 to 80 characters for the title. Also, put your keywords at the beginning of your description, because it makes sense.

In your website text, you should use, yes, you guessed it, your keyword phrase. Also include any text you have used in other tags, such as meta tags, alt tags, and titles. A lot of content is also helpful. It is recommended to have at least 200 words per page. Having many pages of content will also improve your ranking.

Having many other websites linking to you is another great way to improve your search ranking. Both the links themselves and the result of increased traffic will help. In addition, it is also a good idea to have a blog link to your website.

Although these practices will improve your rankings, some design elements can interfere with your search rankings. These include frames, dynamic URLs, Flash, navigation using image maps, and navigation using javascripts. In addition, there are some practices that search engines consider spam, and these practices will make you delete them from the site forever. In your web page, use multiple keywords from your keyword list instead of using multiple keywords on your web page.

This is just the simplest introduction to search engine optimization. A book on this subject is Shari Thurow’s search engine visibility. Software packages that can help your search engine optimization tasks include Bruce Clay’s SEOToolSET and Web CEO’s Web CEO. If you want others to help you with search engine optimization, Marinerblue is always ready to help your .ws domain name for free. Hello matt

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