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of search engine optimization or search engine optimization is internet marketing or e-commerce is the most useful and the most commonly used words. A question always comes to our minds: What is search engine optimization? Many SEOs distinguish SEO terms in different ways, but I think the simplest and simplest definition of search engine optimization is to maintain the quality of the website, and its ranking in different search engines is called search engine optimization. Thousands of websites are launched with specific keyword sets every day. Every website owner wants to put his website on top of every search engine SREP, but how is this possible? The only and only way to get our target projection is search engine optimization. It is a process of increasing the number of website visitors by ranking high in the search results of search engines. This is a long-term continuous process. But now a day’s search engine optimization is becoming more and more important, not only for e-commerce purposes, but also for additional website exposure.

Type a search engine to perform the following tasks:

Net Crawl

document index

query processing


search engine optimization has two main components

1- keyword strategy

duplexes popular

keyword strategy plays an important role in search engine optimization process. Choose the right keywords for a website and promote them throughout the website.

Key words tracking strategy is mainly used for search engine optimization

meta tags are search engine optimization is the most important terms. There are generally four types of meta tags used for online promotion. They are-title, description, keywords, Alt tags. A meta tag (or tag) tells search engines what your website is. The major search engines will review your website and read your meta tags to determine your website category. Meta tags tell search engines the title, description, and keywords of your website. Without these tags, it is difficult for your website to rank high on many major search engines.

Title:Title Meta tags should include your main keywords. It should be related to the content of the page. The title has the least number of words. The choice of accurate title makes it easier to get a higher position in the search engine on a specific search phrase. The title is probably the most important part of the site, because it is the most frequently searched component of search engines. It should state exactly what your website is about and include your most important keywords.

Keywords: Keyword analysis is the most important and challenging task in website promotion. Choosing accurate and suitable keywords can increase the traffic of the website and also improve the page ranking of the website. Meta-tag keywords should be those words or phrases that we think people will use when they are surfing the Internet, searching for related websites on various search engines. The correct keywords for our website should be specific enough to describe the focus of our website, but also general enough that potential customers use search engines as their search criteria. Be sure to include your domain name, company name, and product name in your keywords.

The best way to determine keywords is to jump out of your shoes and imagine yourself as one of your customers or potential customers. How do you think these people would search for sites like yours? What keywords do you think they will enter the search engine?

Create a list of all vocabulary applicable to your business, including your business name, product name (including brand and generic name), and the name of the geographic area you serve. You may also want to consider the variations of these words (such as “dog, dogs, doggie, etc.) and common spelling errors of important keywords.

Description: Description is the second meta tag used in web promotion. The website description should be a logical sentence , It describes our business including keyword phrases. It shouldn’t be longer or a keyword list

Alt-Tag:Alt-meta-Tag is also important in search engine optimization. Alt tags are used to provide any title for the image. Alt tags should be more related to images and also include the main keywords of your website.

Without the help of good and relevant website keywords, a website will not get the top name in various search engines.

The second method used for search engine optimization is the link popularity method. I will discuss link popularity in the next step of this article.

Finally, if we draw a blueprint for the search engine optimization process, then we will search engine optimization process can be divided into the following areas:

search engine optimization There are two types of optimization process:

page optimization
search engine friendly web design

search engine Web content

meta tag analysis

external page optimization
search engine submission and directory

link exchange / popular

one-way connection

bidirectional link exchange

Terms submit

Onpage optimization: Onpage optimization includes search engine friendly web design, web content and meta tag analysis.

Web design: Search engine-friendly web design is the primary requirement for effective website promotion. The web design and SEO friendly make it easier to get the top position of the search phrases in the major search engines.

Web content: Web content is the second basic requirement for effective search engine optimization. The content of the website must be relevant to the website. It should be good, without spelling errors and user interest. It should also have keywords that are important to your website.

Title meta tag, description tag and keyword tag, alt tag I have discussed above in this paragraph.

Off-page optimization: Off-page optimization includes search engine and directory submission, link popularity, sitemap generator, and article submission.

Directory submission: Directory submission is the main and most important step of search engine optimization. By submitting your website in the search directory, it will help increase traffic and also improve your website’s ranking in search engines. Finding the correct category for your website in a directory is the most important, and choosing the wrong category search engine may punish your website.

Link exchange and popularity: Link popularity is the most important term in online promotion. Link exchange is one of the main “off-page” factors used by search engines to determine a website’s ranking in search results. Your overall link popularity score is integrated into the search engine ranking algorithm to determine the position of your website in their search results. There are generally two types of link exchange services: two-way link exchange and one-way link exchange. Both are important links in communication. But remember, when you want to exchange links, first check whether the domain is supplementary. Supplementary pages are those pages that are completely useless to Google and your website. This may be harmful to your website.

There are three main terms in link switching, one is link, the second is link popularity, and the third is link switching. Links, also called hyperlinks or web links, are links from one website to another. These are the underlined text on the webpage, which can help us move to another webpage. Link popularity shows how many hyperlinks point to our website. It also shows the quantity and quality of websites that are linked to our website. Link exchange is one hand given to the other hand. During this process, we send an email to other webmasters and ask that if he will add my website link on his website page, then I will add your website link on our website. I think this is a bargaining process.

Article submission: The easiest and easiest way to increase website traffic is article submission. You should write a unique article related to your website and submit to different article directories. But remember, your article should be related to the information or content of your website. Now a multi-day article directory provides free article submission services. So I think this is the most important and free way to get more traffic. The key benefit of article submission is that we have a one-way link to our website.

Blog submission: Simply put, we use blogs to obtain personal information, but now a day’s blog is widely used for search engine optimization. It also provides a one-way link to your site. It brings more traffic or visitors to the website. It also helps search engine rankings. Blogging is an important technology to increase website traffic. Many blogs today provide absolutely free blog services, so we should make full use of this service. So I would recommend all SEO guys to create your own blog and submit it in different directories. Therefore, it will increase your website traffic.

Inbound discussion links are another way to obtain forum links. I would recommend all webmasters to join forums or message boards related to search engine optimization, and post and reply to posts on the forums. Be sure to include your URL in your signature, and the anchor text to link to the URL should be your website keyword. It provides a one-way link to your website.

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