Search Engine Optimization Myths

SEO seems to be shrouded in mystery or a lot of people wrong. I want to take this opportunity to clarify many misunderstandings about SEO.

Optimizing a website only needs to be done once. In the world of search engines, nothing is set in stone. The launch of a new website, your competitors are trying to surpass you, the changes in search engine algorithms, all of which cause your website’s ranking to drop, and therefore get less traffic. In addition, after you work, your website ranks well for keywords, you need to move on to the next keyword and get your website rank as a good one. It will never end.

PageRank or PR is a good indicator to measure a website. Google’s PageRank number rating was inaccurate, or it was used to measure success after Google gave up providing accurate PR numbers. This is why you will find that the PR 2 website ranks higher than the PR 4 website.

Add any keywords related to the distributor in the Meta-keyword tab to get more traffic. Google stopped using the Meta keyword tag not long ago, and Yahoo no longer uses it.

You need to submit your website to search engines. This has not been done for several years. Let search engines find your website through the following link to your website. This is how they want to find your website.

Google treats websites equally. You may have a new optimized domain name and a well-optimized website, but for a domain name, more backlinks that already exist will surpass your ranking.

You can guarantee top ranking search engine optimization companies. No company can guarantee that the position of any keyword is top or #1. According to changes in search engine algorithms, what your competitors are doing, and the launch of new web pages and websites, search engine rankings have been fluctuating. The competition for some keywords is very fierce, and it may take several years to occupy the top of the list.

If you frequently click on your website, your ranking will be higher/if you visit your website frequently, you will let it be punished by search engines. These are not true, but I often hear them.

You must submit your website to rank well in thousands of directories. Submitting to the directory does give you a backlink to your website, which will help you rank well if the directory. But you need to carefully choose which directory your website is submitted to, otherwise you are wasting time. Make sure that the directory has existed for a while, so that it has an old domain, you can get a static and direct text link back to your website, you can choose keywords that will be used to link back to your website, the directory Have a good inbound link profile.

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