Search Engine Optimization – outside Page Optimization

external page optimization including the establishment of backlinks. Backlinks are basically links from another webpage to your own webpage. If you have read the previous lesson, you will know that this will increase your resume.

Generally speaking, search engines consider it to be a high-ranking website, not necessarily because their website has a large number of links.

Not too fast to be happy, the most part, I have seen the region may be hundreds to thousands of

back links from different IP addresses. Link (IP) is more valuable than backlinks

from the same IP

Link not only increases public relations, it’s worth much more than that. In fact, the most important factor in

ranking is backlinks.

You should look for backlinks in your own niche and have high PR. Ensure that the website is

search engine friendly. Has a spider can not see the link is not really useful unless the site

has high traffic will click on your link.

There is another aspect of backlinks: the title of the page and the anchor text used. Have

a contain your keywords as the anchor text backlinks is a must. If the webpage that links to you has a title that contains your keywords, it will be more powerful. This is why you should always look for backlinks from related websites.

So how do you ensure that the anchor text is what you want? Usually, when you build backlinks through interaction or directory submission, you can choose anchor text. In turn, just to provide the desired anchor text as HTML code

to the webmaster. For directory listings, please fill in the website name with keywords when filling out the form.

This will be your anchor text

you will learn more about the build backlinks to make money online. Now, let us turn to

allow people to contact you through a will. This is very powerful and very effective if you can do it.

So how do you get people to contact you without asking?

Give them something in return! This can be valuable, free forms of knowledge, where people manufacture

cite your content and provide a link for visitors. Or you can make a website

which provides a unique very popular free services, such as prchecker website. Another example is Smart FTP, a free FTP tool for webmasters.

Note the word “free” used in the example. People like to give them free things, and

you have a high chance of getting free one-way backlinks, which is more valuable than reciprocity!

Alternatively, you can provide visitors to link rules to use your services

to your website. Either way, we must provide them with HTML code to do this, because you need to control the positioning of text used

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