Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-what is it?

Use search terms related to

search engine optimization is a process, to ensure you the most relevant in the search engine ranking of search terms on a web site. When someone is looking for a particular topic on the Internet, they will enter a related phrase. These phrases are the most relevant search terms. The search engine optimization process will seek these search terms for these search terms and high rankings.

The first step in the search engine optimization process is to choose relevant search terms for your website and put a better term on each relevant page, but two per page is fine. Splitting large pages means you can create two pages and use different search terms on each page. It is important to match search terms to page content.

Build links within the site

is important that search engine spiders can find all your website pages. The purpose is to get your web pages into the search engine index. The index improves the chances of getting a higher rating. Here are some things to remember to improve the chances of search engine spiders finding your page.

Do not use links created by Javascript, spiders cannot read them.

When using Session IDs in URLs, check the rules regarding their use, especially when you are looking for Google rankings.

Make sure that all pages link to at least one other page.

Build internal links (page links) in order to strengthen the target search terms. This means making sure that pages that contain topic subtopics use the correct link text to link to the topic page.

Page external elements – Link Text

This element is one of two important factors to get good rankings. You can place the link text on a page within the site or on a page of another site. The point is that the main search terms on the target page should be included in the link text. When possible, use different link text for each link to the page, but always include the main search term of the target page in the link text.

Elements on the page

The purpose here is to ensure that all page elements are linked to the target search term on each page. Consider the following factors:

the title tag

This is the second of two important factors to get a good ranking in. Make sure that the search term of the page is included in this tag. Put it as close to the front as possible. Must read well. Remember, the title tag of each page should be different from the title tags of other pages.

Description tag

for each page to write an attractive description tag, and contains at least twice a search term. Ensure that the search term

if possible, mentioned at the beginning.

H tag (title tag)

H tag has a number between 1-6, and 1 is the maximum title size. When read by search engines, the weight of the H tag is greater. Therefore, try to include the H tag near the top of the page as much as possible, and include the search term in the tag at least once (if there are no more search terms on the page).


as much as possible using a search word in the text of the page is very important. Use these terms as much as possible early on and throughout the page without losing the readability of the content. The search terms shown in bold have additional weight, but not as much as the H mark. If the word in the search term is found in the text, but separate from other search term words. It can only help.

ALT Text

Make sure that the search terms in the alt text of all images on the page. In summary, the key to effective search engine optimization lies in the initial selection of relevant search terms. Then make sure you have the correct search terms placed on the strategic elements of your website building. These elements are located at the point of link construction, including off-page elements and in-page elements. It is worth noting that although search engine optimization is very effective, it cannot be achieved overnight. Be ready to reap the rewards in your SEO implementation and patience.

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