Search engine optimization software battle

correct search engine optimization software can easily become one of the most important assets of your site. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find out. The ones you hear the most are usually the ones with the most advertisements, but not necessarily the ones that best suit your particular needs.

In most cases, any product can help you to some extent, unless it is a real rubbish. If you don’t want to spend more time, then try to spend a little time in return. But if you are watching, keep reading. This article covers 3 ways to help thousands of people get the rankings they need. Even if one of them is not suitable for you, you can still see the effect of the top tools.

But before we delve into these tools, let’s take a look at why we need them. In short; using search engine optimization software is like buying time and expertise. A good software can save you a lot of time and give you the results you get from search engine optimization experts. If you have enough free time to learn and do manual search engine optimization, you can save about $100 and do all without tools. If you want to see faster results and focus your time on other areas, it may be worthwhile to buy a good product. Of course, with so many people claiming to be the best, the most difficult thing is to find someone who is useful to you.

In the past nine years, as a search engine optimization consultant, I have used more than a dozen well-known but not so well-known search engine optimization tools. The results range from “Wow!” to “Too waste!” We will focus on the three types of “Wows!”, one of which may meet your needs; 1) Jumpstart (for maximum return with minimal cost), 2) Site The owner’s best friend (handling the main SEO tasks and more tasks), and 3) SEO Pro Pick (what search engine optimization professionals use to get the best results in the shortest possible time.)

So here, Sorted by cost, starting with the cheapest. . .

1.) Search Engine Optimization Equalizer ($77)

Those who are new to SEO, looking for and SEO software have found a winner with SEO Equalizer ( It became a popular SEO spy tool and soon became one Great link building program and keyword analyzer. It provides a simple “entry” for anyone who wants to control the destiny of their website layout. This is great for anyone who wants to reduce expenses, improve rankings, and don’t mind waiting for a while to see great results (with professional selection, SEO elite below) The

following is what it does best:

A.) Find the most competitive keywords and phrases

B,) to locate and analyze competitor’s site

C,) to help establish and maintain links partnerships

quick to learn and easy to use, search engine optimization is one of the best equalizer cheap, at $ 77 for a full License.

2) Travis Travis ($99)

This is a hidden gem of your dreams. A great application, not many people know (maybe because its name is not very descriptive), the price is about $100, Travis Travis ( is for professionals Powerful enough, easy to use for a website owner, newbies to search engine optimization, they just want to get results with very little learning curve.

Travis Travis is like the “Swiss Army Knife” of SEO software and has been called “the best friend of website owners”. . .

A.) Find, sort and organize the most important keywords

B.) Display the ranking of your website (and competitors) on major search engines

C.) Complete a comprehensive search engine optimization page analysis for any web page, so you can See how the top-ranked pages are doing the right “on-page optimization” and how to do it better.

D. It is very important to establish backlinks for Google

E.) Manage your Google advertising campaigns, if you do PPC.

F,) even set up an online survey page to quickly collect feedback from visitors after they find your website.

It’s hard to compare this one with any other “Apple to Apple”. It wears a lot of hats, and website owners can benefit from it. Like SEO Equalizer it has shown slightly slower results than SEO Elite, but a great value.

3) SEO Elite

my first “wow!” Took place in 2005 and SEO Elite ( This application is the first real burden I met afford The search engine optimization software, it does everything it promises. The price is $167, which is about half the price of similar products, but the packaging is more impactful. It has three things that impressed me almost as much as the results it got. . .

A,) No annual fee (unlike some companies charge $100 per year for “subscription” fees.)

B,) Free lifetime upgrade (I am already my third version, and it is getting better!)

C, ) do not ask questions, eight weeks warranty or a full refund

so I just bought it. That’s why I keep it. . .

Google’s performance in the first four weeks:

1 Spots = 72 Spots = 113 Spots = 16
Links = 409 high quality inbound links obtained (extremely important to rank well on Google)

These are all in the first month, with only one website. In the three years since then, I have earned hundreds of additional rankings on multiple websites.

Here are some of the things that SEO elites do well. . .

A.) Let us check the ranking of your website on the major search engines

B.) Track any changes in rankings and notify you

C.) Find the best link partners for your website based on Google’s standards

D) Show which partners are still linking back to you

E.) In all major searches execute search engine backlinks

F, Google’s special search command analyzed

G,) to find exactly what competitors advertise on the site

H,) to help you remove any link to the website of the punished

if you need great SEO software, you can invest $167, don’t mind spending a few hours mastering a new tool, SEO elite is worth a look. This is the reason for the most widely used professional search engine optimization software package. Getting the right SEO software can be the best buying decision for your website. Enjoy it!

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