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There are two types of optimization – within and outside the Page page. In this part, we will discuss page optimization. The second part briefly discusses off-page optimization.

You may have created a brand new website and submitted it to search engines, hoping that this will force people to buy your product to some extent. In a certain period of time, only a few occasional visits are completed, and then you decide to optimize the keywords of the website in order to rank among a large number of similar websites. Time is passing, but you are not lucky yet. Some people give up or decide to make another website about a different target market. The worst case is that the result forces a person to lose hope and quit. The question is how to do things. What is the first step in creating a website?

First determine your main keyword phrase. The Google Keyword Tool allows you to build extensive, relevant keyword lists from a simple interface, generate keyword ideas and review traffic estimates for existing and new keywords.

Go to and select “Advertising Programs”. Click “Start using ad text”. Then choose an option under the heading “Which best describes you?” If you choose “I have an email address…” check “I want to use my existing Google account to advertise.” Then go to step 2. If you select “I don’t use…”, please proceed to step 1.

step 1. Follow these steps:

Create a new Google account for AdWords. This includes email addresses, passwords, and re-entering passwords.

Enter the characters you see in the picture below to make sure you are human.

Press the “Create Account” button

now, set the time zone and currency:

Time Zone Country: United States

Time zone: (GMT-06: 00) Central Time

Select a permanent currency for your account: US dollar (USD $)

After you set up your account, you cannot change the time zone and currency settings. Double check your selection and click “Continue”. Congratulations on your new googleadwords account and let me know that your email has sent a verification link. Click the link to make sure they have the correct email address.

The second step. Enter with your Google account. Then click “AdWords Home” and

you are now in Google Adwords Campaign Manager. Select “Reports and Tools” from the menu bar and “Keyword Tool” from the drop-down menu. Click “Advanced Options” to set location, language and other things.

For example, our main keyword is “website.” Write it in the “word or phrase…” column. Uncheck “Only show ideas that contain my search terms” to get more suggestions. Press “Search”. The results are amazing. “Local Monthly Searches” accounted for 16,660,000 out of the total “Global Monthly Searches” of 37,200,000.

Don’t start optimizing your website for the keyword “website”. The competition will be fierce. For a brand new website, or a website you are just starting to optimize, it is best to choose more specific keyword phrases. Let’s try the keyword phrase “how to make a website”. Even using the “partial optimization” method, the results of “more than 5000 searches per month” can be accepted. We choose the key phrase “how to make a website” for the optimization process.

This is a good domain name purchase with all search engine benefits related to this. For example, at the time of writing this article, a domain name “how to make” or “how to make website” is free. Choose the right one and buy.

Now, enter the keyword “how to make a website” in the Google search window. The most rated website for this key phrase is This is not a top-level page, which means it is not the root directory This fact is good for us. If the subpage has a good evaluation on Google, then using this keyword will be our advantage. If you install Google Toolbar, you can see that the page rank of this page is 6. It is very possible to obtain this rank or higher.

Next, look at the source code. We have to find a few things.

They are using the “h1” heather tag, do they insert the key phrase “how to make a website” in it? Yes Yes. They added a title “How to build your own website”. They only use it once, which is the correct approach. Remember-don’t do it more than once.

Are they using the keywords in the “title” tag? Same as above. They also included “How to make a website by yourself” in the title tag. The title of the website should only include the main key phrases. Because the number of words containing the title is the least, the more weight Google puts on the keyword, the higher the ranking. The same is true for all major engines.

They are key phrases that are bold, underlined, or italicized. Fortunately, they did not put bold words anywhere on the page. There are keywords in bold throughout the site. You can bold and pluralize the key phrase “how to make a website”. Including these two forms. Underline and italicize key phrases.

Do they use “alt” tags to mark pictures and put keywords in them? they do not. Modify your pictures while optimizing the website. In addition, add an image named after the primary key phrase. For example, insert an image named “how-to-make-website-picture1.jpg” and a similar name.

Great, put the main key phrase at the beginning and end of the website. They used the title at the beginning, but not at the end.

Google believes that all these page optimization factors are important. The main idea of ​​Google ranking is to analyze the top-ranked websites, which contain the keywords of the items we showed above. Then do better for your website, which will lead to better rankings.

You can include additional key phrases and use the same process to analyze top-ranked sites. It is a good idea to first get some initial traffic from keywords that are easier to rank for and less competition.

The most important thing is-don’t use the left column, because Google will look at all the text before the main body of the homepage. If you need to use some kind of navigation or other information, put it in the right column. There are other ways to eliminate the influence of the left column, but this is not the subject of this article.

All in all, OnPage optimization will make small changes to the ranking of the site, but this does not help much with the substantial increase in rankings.

The second part external page optimization

mainly large changes in rankings can be achieved by optimizing the outside of the page.

By Google indexed

it is very important to get to the Google index. There are other more effective methods instead of using their submission form. Search engines find new websites by visiting indexed websites. Then they follow all the links to the next site. From the next website they will do the same “crawl” saying that your website finds new information and put it in the index of search results.

So you have a brand new website just created. In order to index it, search engines need to find highly indexed websites with links below it. An article on the subject of your website. Because the domain name of the website is, the title of the article can be “How to make our own website”. There is a link to the website at the bottom of the article. Visit a large number of popular website directories and submit articles. Once the article is added, search engines will follow the link to your website and index. The more links you get, the faster your index will be.

In addition, enter the broadest keywords related to your website in Google. In the considered example, it should be “website”. Find several websites with a page rank of 6 or higher, and search their content for contact information. Send them an email requesting a link to your website, and in return, they can link back to their website. They may respond and establish contact. Contact sites that are highly related to your topic. If they add a link to you, they can provide their visitors with something useful. A link from a pr6 website will index your website within 3 days, and a link from a pr7 website will index your website within 24 hours. This task can be very daunting, so you can buy links to buy links to websites with high page rankings. Just do it for a month. There is no need to renew, because you are already in Google’s index.

Let Google boarded the summit site

in order to optimize keyword web site “how to make the site”, the need for link strategy 10 top-ranking websites for analysis. Enter the keyword “make a website” and remember the top 10 websites. The number one website is “”. To find a website that links to this website, go to Yahoo and type in the “web search” window: “link:www”. This will return a large list of sites that link to Select the “other than “Inlinks” option. You must send your articles to as many websites as possible that rank higher than 6-100, 1000 or more. Take the first one” /”. Its PG is 8, which is very good. Now click “Write for Technorati” from the menu under the main menu, and then continue “writer application”. If your article is published, your website will immediately rank from this Get links to very high websites. Don’t forget to add a link to your website at the end of the article. Nikolai Melanzov

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