Search engine Trinity

in Cajun cooking, from almost every dish is something called “Trinity” began – onion, celery and bell pepper. These three ingredients are the basis of almost every delicacy. Whether you eat okra, jam, or even Cajun soup, they all start with these ingredients. They form the delicious basis of every dish.

Like Cajun food, listing a small business on a search engine is also based on the trinity of components. These components provide the basis for your search engine work and ensure that you will be successful. These are: the difficulty of listing, the effectiveness of listing, and finally the level of listing.

Easy: If you are like most small businesses, you have a lot of things to do. You are running your business, doing your marketing, creating your products and/or providing your services, and trying to squeeze some balance in your life.
Hour after hour of SEO work is the last thing you need to add to your to-do list. You need a simple and simple system to get the most search engine attention with the least amount of work.

Effectiveness: Effectiveness is twofold. First, you want your efforts to be effective on search engines. You want them to look at the code of your website and rank you.
Second, you want your listing to be effective for your searchers. If a searcher is looking for a product or service like yours, then you want them to see the description of your listing, read it, and be forced to click on it.

Position: Your website may not have to rank first, because your best keywords can get you all the attention, and being in the top 10 is good for most small businesses. You may also not need to rank well in a very general term, such as “consulting.” You have to find a combination of search terms and positions in the search results, which is best for your business and allows you to strike a balance between maintaining (maintaining rankings) and bringing you good customers.
How do you take advantage of the Trinity when you optimize your website? Here are some suggestions on how to solve these problems in the plan:


Start with reliable advice. There are many search engine systems and many “how to” suggestions. Make sure that the system you are using has been tested and tested so that you will not keep spinning during the optimization process.

Break down your efforts into short-term activities. Optimizing your website for search engines requires several steps, try to sit down and do all of it, end-to-end, and it will take a while. To keep your sanity and do things in a way that maximizes the impact of your efforts, plan to complete each step one step at a time, then upload your modified files, and wait for a while before making other changes. In this way, you can avoid going crazy, and you can also evaluate the effects of your efforts along the way.


See what you hope your website can do for you. Is it really important to attract a lot of tourists to do a lot of sales? If you have a product to sell. However, if you are a one-person or two-person service company, then you are more likely to only need a few qualified visits to complete all the sales you can handle.

Try your description in your list. Use different description tags on different pages of your website and see what forces more searchers to click. By viewing your site statistics, you should be able to see which page your visitors entered through.


See where you really need to rank. If your optimization work has brought you to the second or third page, then you have already made a good start. You may only need to do some work to improve your ranking to the first age.

Ask your best customers and visitors how they found you. What words are they looking up? Which search engine did they use? You want to get more of these “best” customers through your website, so ask the customers you have worked with you well and how they worked with you. This will help you make your listing more effective. . Trinity optimization will help your website optimization and a few simple techniques in the optimization process.

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