Select highly rated game learning targeted keywords

keywords in search engine optimization is very important. We can say that the top rankings in any search engine are keyword games. In order to understand this game, we must understand the main purpose of keywords?

Let’s start with some examples where you go to shopping malls to buy things. You must remember the name of the thing you want, and then you start searching for it in the shopping mall. Suppose the shopping mall as a whole Internet and the shopping mall stores are like search engines. You go to every store and tell them your wishes. Now is the time to state your desires correctly. You tell them I need shoes. You don’t tell him the brands and objects you want. The owner is confused. You either want your own shoes or you want shoes for your children or your wife. He picked a pair of shoes, ready to choose. When you start to review, you will find that these are not what you want. You waste your time. In order to meet your needs, you must tell the owner of your request.

•what do you want?

• Who do you want?

• What brand do you want?

• What size do you want?

These are the things you have to say to the shopkeeper so that you can get what you want according to your requirements.

It works the same way as search engines. They don’t know who you are? Why are you here? what do you need? You have to tell them what happened to yourself, they will guess your needs for themselves, and may give you the wrong result, which is not what you want. This is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money, which is indeed a huge loss.

The question is why do we need to emphasize keywords?

Because search engines do not understand banners, they cannot translate the pictures on your website. Keywords are the only things that search engines can understand in your content. That’s why we know that we will never use too many images on a page. Make your page with high-quality content.

What is premium content?

A high-quality content is understandable by humans, not just search engines. The second problem is the correct placement of target keywords. This is the so-called “keyword density”, which does not mean that there are a large number of keywords in the content, and there is no intelligible content. When we talk about the correct location of a keyword, it means using it where it is needed. Note, as I said before, don’t just make pages for search engine spiders. Do it for humans. Optimize each page for target keywords. Don’t just optimize one page. As for search engine spiders, every page is a person. It reviews them separately and scores them, which we call page rankings. The perfect keyword density will help you achieve a higher search engine position.

What is your target keyword?

The target keyword is not that you are thinking about your business. This may be right, but the correct way is to ask the people around you. Ask them how to search for your business on the Internet. For example, if you have a service, you want to know what keywords most people use on the Internet to find it. Solicit as many opinions from others as possible. Keyword suggestion tools also play a very important role. The most popular Overture keyword suggestion tool, which displays the number of clicks for that keyword. Find keywords with low compression and fewer searches per day. Get the top 10 or top 20 keywords. Don’t just rely on them. Continue keyword search. As I said before, once you have completed the keyword game, you will safely stand on top of the world. Wish ya’ll good luck.

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