SEO articles and mobile web design

search engine optimization article is a robust and relatively inexpensive marketing tool. This is a good way to take advantage of local traffic and low-level competition. Business owners can hire a search engine optimization company to optimize their website, find relevant search keywords in the area, and benefit from high search rankings for these words. However, although this is a good strategy to capture traditional Internet surfers, if business owners do not want to capture mobile Internet surfers, they may lose valuable traffic. More and more savvy webmasters are beginning to realize the importance of mobile website design and how it can complement their traditional search engine optimization articles and other marketing efforts.

According to the Cisco Visual Network Index, in 2010, the volume of mobile communication increased nearly twice the previous year for the third consecutive year. By 2015, the volume of global mobile communication will increase by 26 times compared with 2010. Google said that the growth rate of searches on mobile devices is higher than on desktops and laptops. There is no doubt that any search engine optimization strategy needs to consider mobile traffic. Whether by changing the design of an existing website or by creating a mobile-friendly version, any search engine optimized article and/or content will be better integrated into the mobile Internet.

Although traditionally designed websites may appear on mobile search, the websites do not appear in their entirety on the small screens of smartphones. The user must perform a considerable amount of horizontal and vertical scrolling to cover the entire website. Therefore, in today’s Internet search engine optimization (SEO), any surfer or surfer may therefore design a larger search engine optimization (SEO) function.

Of course, iPhones and Androids have zoom functions, but zooming is too far, and you can hardly read the content or click any links. Zooming too far, you have to play with the scroll bar, not to mention that some smartphones have problems, in a sense On the other hand, it will slow down the running speed, such as flash, Javascript and other common design elements of traditional websites.

In addition, mobile phone technology makes the mobile Internet very conducive to local search. For example, Assisted GPS can return local search results of businesses near the user. Google Mobile Search displays results through simple buttons, such as a hyperlinked phone number, and users can call the company directly by clicking on the hyperlink. Local SEO and SEO articles are a very effective and cost-effective marketing strategy, but when it is combined with mobile web design, its efficiency is not so high. The emergence of mobile devices and the growing trend of mobile Internet surfing have enabled enterprises to occupy a place on both the traditional Internet and the mobile Internet. The absence of such a situation will greatly reduce any optimization efforts.

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