SEO basics

What is search engine optimization or search engine optimization? This is the science and art of getting your web pages to rank high in search engines. Some people think that search engine optimization is so complicated that it is impossible for them to understand it. Still others think that it’s luck to rank high in search engines.

These are all misunderstandings. It is not accidental to rank high in search engines. There are some basic things that you must do at any opportunity to make your web pages perform well on search engines.

Page factors

use text rather than graphics to web design. Web pages loaded with graphics are not friendly to search engine crawlers. Search engines categorize and rank pages based on text rather than graphics.

Build web content around specific key phrases. Your web page must have a specific theme. It is difficult to rank high in general terms.

Research carefully and choose 2 or 3 word phrases relevant to your niche to optimize. Don’t just optimize your homepage. Work on your subpages. You want as many pages as possible to be indexed and ranked well.

Organize internal links on your website. You want search engines to crawl and index all your web pages. You want to make it easy for crawlers to find your internal pages. It is best to include text links from the home page to these pages, and cross-link all pages.
If the navigation system uses Java script or images, you must add text links to the top or bottom of the web page to ensure that the crawler follows all links. Verify that your dual links are working.

Include your key phrase—
a in the following places . URL and file name. URL and file name are important indicators of search engines. This is a good search engine optimization practice. Put your key phrases either in your main domain name or in your file name.

b. Title and description tags. The title text is displayed in the blue line at the top of the browser. It is located in the section of the html document.

If your title is “House Pets”, then the title tag in the html document should look like this: House Pets

Site visitors can’t see the description tag. Search engines usually display them as text so that searchers can take a cursory look at your web page. Your description tag should be very attractive. It should contain your keywords.

cc. Title and subtitle. Put your title at the top of the page. Your title and subtitle text should be enclosed in special title tags, for example.

d. The body of the page. Your keywords should appear in the first, middle, and last paragraphs of the text.

e. Position the text. These are your navigation links, incoming and outgoing links to the web page.

Important note: Do not use the same keywords in your URL, file name, title tag, description tag, title, body, and text link. Search engines may punish you for keyword spam. Use your key phrases or variations of related terms.

Add fresh content to your website regularly. Both search crawlers and your website visitors provide content. Web pages with fresh information content are often bookmarked. If you frequently add new content, other webmasters will naturally link to your page.
Page external factors that

link popularity is an important factor, almost all of the major search engines use to rank your site. Link popularity can be increased by link exchange or obtaining one-way incoming links.

Because link popularity is an important factor in determining search engine rankings, plan carefully. Don’t just exchange links randomly, link to web pages that are similar to your niche. There are also links to your input text focused on your key phrases.

What matters is not only the number of links, but also the quality of the links. Therefore, you will be better from a number of high-quality pages (those search engine ranking of) links than many low-ranked sites link


how to get one-way incoming links? You can buy them, or you can do it in an organic way-write articles related to your niche, and then publish them to article directories that have a lot of web traffic.

Search engine ranking is essential to a successful internet marketing campaign. Make your basic search engine optimization correct. Try the steps listed above.

Good search engine rankings do not happen overnight. Be patient. Depending on the competitiveness of your key phrases, your page’s ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN may be between 3 to 6 months, and in some cases a year. Search engine optimization can be time-consuming if done manually. The good news is that some software, such as webpositiongold and webceo, to name just two examples, can automate most of your SEO tasks. Or, if you have a large marketing budget, you may want to hire a search engine optimization company for your search marketing campaign.

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