SEO Copywriting Success Guide

website is very popular. Almost every business has one or at least one. A business without a website may lose a large part of the sales and revenue from online customers.

Although having a website will definitely help, just having a website will not have a significant impact. We have seen a large number of websites on the Internet, and the existence of these websites is very unsuccessful. Most of them are not loved, invisible, and therefore inaccessible. One of the ways to promote a website is search engine optimization (SEO) it. There are many methods for search engine optimization. Because, explaining all of this is beyond the scope of this article, we will focus on one topic: search engine optimization copywriting. This can be defined as creating a copy of the content of the website so that both search engines and users can recognize the subject of the content and treat it as relevant and informative content.

Here are several ways to optimize website content for search engines to get better SEO results:

Attract attention: Just like any advertisement, the content should also be able to attract the attention of users. This can be achieved by creating attractive headlines, information content, injecting humor, etc. Make the content compelling, so that readers not only read the entire page, but also take action!

Optimize content: Yes, content should also be optimized. In addition to proper headings, headings (H1, H2…) and bold mark (), the size of the content is also important. Divide your content into several pages to make the content more readable. The content should have relevant keywords. Don’t overuse keywords, as this may be interpreted as trying the same search engine. Always make sure that the content will be used by the user, so it should be readable.

Optimizing links: This is a step that is often forgotten. Internal links can greatly affect your website. Correct internal links can make it easier for users to browse the site. This may mean finding the service or product they are looking for in an instant, which translates into more inquiries or sales. The anchor text preferably has keywords related to the content. They not only provide readers with an idea to let them know what they can see from the linked page, but also let search engine robots know what. Smart link architecture can also help rank distribution and improve the more important pages of the website.

Optimize images: Images are widely used on the Internet to illustrate or explain certain topics. But from a search engine optimization point of view, they are also very important. The image name should be descriptive. In addition, they should have correct and informative alt tags, and subtitles if possible. The points mentioned above are very simple and basic, so they need to be strictly followed before entering the advanced stage of search engine optimization.

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