SEO history

of today’s webmasters spent quite a long time to optimize their

search engine sites. It was written about

search engine optimization and certain industries

to provide search engine optimization services

to potential customers. But where did all this come from? How do we end the

optimization of the World (from a webmaster and search engine of our lives today

observed position)?

A man named Alan Emtic, a student of McGill University

, developed the first Internet search engine in 1990. This

search engine is called “Archie”, designed for archiving

when the files on the Internet. About a year

later, another search engine as Archie Gopher

developed at the University of Minnesota. These two little

search engine led to the birth of our use of search tools

today’s engines

in 1993, Matthew Gray developed the first search engine robots

World Wide Web Wanderer. However, until 1994,
as we know it today, the search engine was born. Lekos, Yahoo!

Milky Way started, as you probably – two of which are

up to (2005) today.

In 1994, some companies began to try this concept of

search engine optimization. Focus on only

at the time of the submission process. Within 12 months of

the first automatic submission software package released. The

course was not long before the concept of spam emerged

search engines ‘invented’. Some webmasters quickly realized that

they can

Excessive submission of their website. However, the search engine

will soon fight back and change something to prevent all this


very quickly, search engine optimization and search engines started

playing some kind of “cat and mouse” game. Once again

manipulate search engine was discovered by SE optimizers

they took advantage of this opportunity. Then search engines

modify and enhance their ranking algorithms to respond to

these strategies. Soon it is obviously

a group of webmasters abuse search engine algorithms

to gain an advantage in the competition. Black hat search engine

optimization was born. Immoral way of manipulating search of

the response speed of the engine so that the search engines faster. Search

engines trying to keep the search results do not spam

to provide customers with the best service.

The search engine industry quickly realized

engine optimization) as an industry will not disappear, but

in order to maintain useful indexes, they at least need

to accept this industry. Search engines now partially used

the search engine optimization industry, but still very eager to find out the spammers

trying to manipulate the results of

search engine of choice when started to become

more than 50% of Internet users highly concerned about

search engine spamming insiders

A new dimension. for

the success of a website, many webmasters only focus on

just optimizing their website for Google

worth the effort. Again – Black Hat search engine optimization occurs to promote

honest webmaster and their sites in search results

deliver. Google began to fight back. Major update

Google’s algorithms forced all webmaster to adapt to new

tactics. Black Hat SE optimizer, but suddenly saw something

different happened. Rather than being pushed down

search results to their website suddenly completely removed

from the search index

then there is one called “Google sandbox” things

appear in the discussion. Website or disappeared in the

sandbox or new websites never entered the index, and

considered in the Google sandbox. Sandbox seems

Google will place “parked” Web site of

spam or policy does not meet Google’s (duplicate

websites under different domain names). Google

To date, Sandbox has not been Google and

many webmasters think it is a myth.

The end of 2004, Google announced in

the search index. The gap between Google and the

competitors (MSN and Yahoo!) Seems to be growing. But in 2005

MSN and Yahoo! He began to fight back, so that life back

into the search engine wars. MSN and Yahoo seems to have made progress

better offer than Google, cleaner outcome. In

July 2005 Yahoo! Has announced that over 20 billion

search index page / site – far behind Google. Not

a search engine has won the war. Three search

, however, the engine is eager to compete for market share

error might change the fate of search engines. Will a bumpy journey – but it’s worth the sidelines.

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