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if you measure your level of popularity through search engines see your rankings on, then you may have noticed that you recently changed the rankings on Google. This is because Google, like other major search engines, has been changing the rules of the search engine optimization (SEO) game. What once allowed you to get super high rankings may now drop you dozens of benchmarks. The things that made you among the top 500,000 in the past may now remove you from the list altogether. How did it happen?


if you’re listening Denver web design team in the past few years, you may have heard a lot about reciprocal links to maximize your position on a search results page. Mutual links are just links from one site to another, and vice versa. It’s a bit like the Internet version of “We scratched my back, I scratched your back.” Holmium

To accommodate this trend, we have established a link service, set up these links for you. If you join the link community, or give money to the link service, you have the opportunity to communicate with people you would never meet at all. If you have used one of these services, it is likely that there are links on your linked page that are completely unrelated to the goods or services provided by your site.

Denver Commercial believes that although this may seem strange at the beginning of its establishment, website design rules require the use of this interconnection. The logic is that when a search engine searches for useful websites on the Internet, they will count the number of links to your website. If you have a lot of links, you must have some great content, right? Well, almost.

Natural connection

Today, search engines have become smarter. In fact, this happened only recently. It is said that you can simply create links on your website to boost your search engine rankings, and all websites do this. The focus of the Denver website design is to maximize link space so that customers can add link communities every week or even every day. But if you ever find them completely useless on a website that provides links, you know why the rules have changed.

Today, SEO is still supported by links from other sites, which are mainly from other sites, called backlinks. But the difference is that any old link is not as helpful to your ranking as before. In fact, a bunch of links that have nothing to do with the people visiting your website can actually hurt you. So, what is the best way to use backlinks to improve rankings? simple. Keep it real. Only link to sites that provide real interest to your visitors. This may be related products or services. It can be an article bank with great content on topics that interest your customers. It may even be a competitor’s website. You can solicit reciprocal links from these sites and you will often get them. But even if you don’t, serve your customers first. With the new rules of search engine optimization, your ranking will soon keep up.

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