SEO plan – image optimization

to create a search engine optimization plan involves a lot of things, which is why it is important to create one. Companies and website owners without an SEO plan are more likely to skip many important parts of website optimization. Even with an SEO plan, if you are not a professional, you may skip one or two things, but without it, you will miss a lot thing. One of the most important things on the website, people tend to ignore and forget to optimize their image.

Image optimization is a small step in your search engine optimization plan, but this step can significantly increase your traffic, or in other cases, make you lose a lot of free organic traffic.

Since most website owners forget to optimize their pictures appropriately, this is a partially explored space, and you can even rank high in terms that are highly competitive in regular searches, but when it comes to image search, This is a completely new problem.

I think you now understand the importance of optimizing pictures and how much traffic they can bring you. We are not talking about tedious work; we are talking about 15 seconds for each page or post you create, that is, how long it takes you to add an ALT tag to an image. For blogs, this is even faster.

So we have our way, the SEO plan is very simple, when you take care of these little details from the beginning. So how do we optimize the image to get the best keyword exposure? Here is a short list of things you should do to make your images optimized for search engines:

Place keywords as your ALT text either using the editor in your blogging platform or using the ALT tag in HTML (alt=”keyword”)

you can also add keywords in the title or text around images and descriptions

to make sure you have the keyword as the name of the picture; the image is usually named DSC2536 or a similar name is meaningless. Similarly, the name of the image needs to include the keywords

to ensure that the image size is not too large

Do not place too many images on the same page

It’s very simple, if you follow these few guidelines and no better than you think so hard, you can make your pictures spread online, earn links, yes, this is All the main points. As part of the SEO plan, we need to have more than just a high result as the ultimate goal for our images, we want to use these images as your links. Well, this only applies to me, you have the copyright to these images, which is why creating infographics and your own charts is not only a good way to create link bait, but you can also use your own images to get links. As you can see, things that do not require much time, such as creating your SEO plan, can make the biggest difference between your SEO results and your ultimate return on investment.

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