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a lot of discussion about the search engine optimization (SEO) between business owners, the result of a large number of consulting and development companies began offering SEO services. Some people have good reputations, and some are liars. I think I will take some time to post some useful information about search engine optimization.


and inconsistent use of the phrase SEO is one of the biggest problems. I will discuss several concepts here and hope to establish the definition of each phrase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-The ability of a website to be properly indexed by search engines. Relevance-How relevant is the web page to a particular search phrase. Domain authority-how important a given website is regarded by authorities such as Google and Yahoo! The number of unique users visit the Web site content
point of view

of each of the above four concepts are used to determine the location of the site appears in organic (non-paid) search query. Each search engine has its own proprietary mathematical calculation of search rankings, but each uses these four concepts in calculations. SEO, as mentioned above, is the least important of these four concepts. However, many companies equate search engine optimization with search engine optimization. Although this may be true in the case that the entire subject area is low in the other three categories, in general, search engine optimization is not enough to improve your search ranking higher than the others.

How search engines work

the first step in Internet search success is to establish an accurate indexing by the search engines. It is during this indexing period that search engines communicate (crawl) with your website. This is during this time when search engine optimization comes into play. If your website has a high degree of search engine optimization, search engines will accurately and effectively index your website. If you have problems with search engine optimization, the index may be incomplete, which may reduce the confidence of search engines in your website.

When a user types a search query in a search engine, the user expects the most relevant and reliable result set. For most search engines, the most important variable for calculating ranking is domain authority (domainauthority, DA). DA is an indicator to measure the popularity of a website on the Internet. This means that mainstream, mature websites will have a higher DA than newer, smaller websites. Establishing DA requires strategic and purposeful steps. This is not an overnight adventure. You have to start posting content that people care about. If you don’t do this, your DA will remain low.

Another factor is correlation. If the keywords appear repeatedly on the page and other places on the website (keyword density), the website will have a higher relevance (relative to a specific query)

. The user who makes the query does not care whether your website is SEO. The search engine “cares” because it is not sure whether its information is accurate. If there are comparable data with the same or higher DA and relevance, search engines will improve the ranking of candidate sites.

Search engine optimization component

There are three basic components to make your website easily indexed by search engines.


. The first thing that XML search engines will look for when they start crawling your site is a file called sitemap.xml. It is a list of pages on the website that contain their location and time of last update. Having an accurate sitemap.xml file allows search engines to determine that it has an accurate picture of your website. There are several tools to help create sitemap.xml.

You must remember to update the file every time you update the page. I often see sites that have outdated sitemap.xml files. A well-trained webmaster is updating the site file, but failed to change the modification date on the site map file. When a search engine checks the update date in its database and compares it with the date on the sitemap.xml file, it assumes that the content has not been updated since the last crawl, so it will not index the new information.

Once you have an accurate sitemap.xml file, it is best to submit it to Google, Yahoo! And Bing through their webmaster interface.

If you perform this process manually, it may consume a lot of time and cost. This is why consulting companies that provide such services are so expensive. If you are using a content management system to update your website, it should automatically handle all of this work.

HTML validation

HTML (HTML) web site is the primary computing language used. Just like any other computing language, it can also have errors. You can do so by going to If you find HTML errors on your website, you should ask the developer who created your website to correct them. Different web browsers can handle errors in different ways. This means that the page can be displayed very well in Internet Explorer, but it looks bad in Safari. Regarding search engine optimization, this may be a bigger problem if the search engine program is crawling your website wrong. This may lead to incomplete indexing of your website, but at least it will reduce the confidence of search engines in your website.

Content management systems like Drupal can use HTML sanitizing filters to remove all errors that occur when uploading new content.

Meta tags

pages can be embedded in meta tags, invisible to the user, but search engines will see. They were used more in Internet searches in the early years, and their prevalence is declining. A good content management system will allow adding meta tags directly through the interface.

Automatic search engine optimization

implied before, as I, SEO can be done automatically by an application running on your site. This method is much more effective than the manual method used by consulting companies. It is also cheaper. The Drupal-based application we developed at Herring Consulting handles all these SEO components, and the development cost is generally less than $3,000 (this is only a small part of the SEO company).

Beware of SEO scams

Guarantee #1 search rankings and other promises, it seems too good to be true! ! ! I have met many heartbroken business owners who have taken lofty claims from individuals and companies in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is important and easy, but in a highly competitive market will not be enough to throw you at the giant’s competitors.

Summary of search engine optimization is one of the few components used to determine the organic search rankings. This is just a simple configuration of your website so that it can be easily indexed by search engines. Modern content management systems like Drupal can automatically handle these SEO components without the need to repeatedly charge SEO companies.

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