SEO Secrets

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

hard work! I recently had a meeting with a potential customer; I hope to make a three-month plan to re-evaluate the possible long-term maintenance plan in the future. But unfortunately, a lot of things happened. They just wanted me to tell them the secrets of the search engine optimization process. They would write down all these valuable secrets and let their former programmers use a title I don’t remember. Changed something else, and then opened the door for me.

This is basically like this, oh, I know I’m a fool, I told the secret, how could I be, I should be ashamed, it’s me sad, well, I tell them what other SEO developers think are secrets . But I did tell them my secret-hard work, honesty, and hard work. They looked at me as if I was crazy, yes, tell us the truth, they said, we write you a check, and you can go on the road.

So I shared some simple techniques and processes that I think are obvious, creating existence on the Internet, some ideas, I am trying, Google is very important, using Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Local, and Google Adsense (All these things are obvious to me).

This does not seem to satisfy the holy grail of search engine optimization, there must be other things, magic pills, other things! ? Sorry. They look for results in a few days to a few weeks; sorry, this will not happen. I did disclose (I hope no one will sign a contract with me for this). My personal experience is that using a service (distribution of social, article and video materials) does not have the same impact as doing the same thing manually.

Sorry, I use one of the most popular delivery services called Traffic Geyser. Someone may now say to themselves “Oh great, he has taken the cat out of the bag”. Sorry people, they have always had a lot of them recently. Problem, this caused me a lot of unnecessary work. Their products are not perfect either; they have not solved all the problems. But more importantly, I found that, at least in my opinion, when I distribute the media to all the different websites by hand, I get more significant results, just like websites that accept videos, articles, blogs, etc. know that robots When filling in the form, the website will also change, and the robots are well aware of the filling in the form. When these robots are processing, they will feel that their website is being used and make changes to ensure that someone fills in the form.

Therefore, the verification code box that appears on most websites is of course developed to ensure that humans fill in the form. This is correct. They want to maintain the integrity of the website. After all, it is considered a social experience. What is a distribution service? But it is a means of our large-scale distribution, to more websites for more customers, faster and more efficiently for more money.

So this is my big secret, my efforts and my intentions. I do this kind of monotonous work instead of using the service. My intention to bring my personal exposure to it is to do a great job for my clients on the Internet. On the existence, so more customers come to his website to ask for their services or products, my customers earn more money, Ba! This is my secret. I heard recently that if you want to make a lot of money, then make a lot of money for others. What are you talking about? am I crazy! It’s very simple. People help people (make money). This is a new idea, a new paradigm. I’m riding a new wave. Join me and it works. Well, I want to know how much search engine optimization will bring me to this.

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