SEO success story: From local factory to regional distributor

In June 2013, we added a new item to our portfolio: Crystal Chocolatier. The task assigned to our web agency and search engine optimization company is to build a website, make it its first result on Google, and generate business leads to the Chocolate Factory. This was a challenge because at the time Crystal Chocolatier was a small chocolate factory in the Lebanon Mountains, mainly serving nearby individuals. They decided to expand the market share of online retailers. Therefore, our job is to create and optimize a website that targets chocolate shops in the Middle East and North Africa and searches for chocolate suppliers on Google. accept the challenge!

After a year of developing the website and formulating a search engine optimization strategy for a specific country, we have witnessed a traffic increase of about 350%. Approximately 88% of visits are generated by Google and other recommended sites. For those who are not familiar with the term, recommendations are traffic sources that have manually placed links on other websites. In addition, less than a year later, the number of visits to the site has increased by 65%.

The challenge is not only to increase traffic, but to attract high-quality visits from potential business potential customers. Therefore, the keywords carefully selected by our SEO experts correspond to the most searched expressions for the chocolate shop on Google. Today, the new factory is competing with established brands such as Patchi and Souchet by appearing on the first page of Google search results. Words like “Middle East Chocolate Factory” and “Lebanese Chocolate” have become the main source of visits to the site in several target countries. As a result, traffic from the entire region increased, for example, visits from the UAE increased by 200%.

Due to this positioning of Google and the increase in related traffic, more businesses began to contact the chocolate factory to request their products. The growth rate of leads directly obtained by Crystal Chocolatier from the website exceeded 100%. Since the implementation of the SEO strategy, the number of calls and emails from potential customers has also increased.

Google recently updated their search algorithm to use phone friendliness as a ranking signal. Therefore, in order to maintain their ranking, the factory’s website was modified to fit the size of the mobile screen. Today, Crystal Chocolatier has achieved their goals by competing with well-known brands. So, if done properly, search engine optimization can help companies achieve their business goals. This is the power of search engine optimization! Contact us now and create your own success story.

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