SEO trends

with Denver web design companies competing for increasingly high ranking on the results page, the major search engines changing rules. Google in particular is constantly updating and improving the way they select results for user search terms. These changes are gradual, but with each successive change in the rules of the search engine optimization (SEO) game, some websites will fall behind. If Google rewrites the spider program overnight, the website that was ranked high yesterday may become a low-ranking website today.

The old rule

according to common wisdom, keywords placed in a small space should attract a large string search engine web crawlers looking for this information note. META tags with keywords that people search most often, regardless of whether these words are related to the content of the page, are a way to attract visitors to the site. Tons of reciprocal links will show to search engines that the site is very popular and worth visiting.

These are old rules. Just last month, the Denver web design team was still making websites that met these parameters. But today, the rules have changed.

New Rules – Keywords

If you are on every page of the site of each segment put five keywords, it’s time to call your copywriter, get some new content. This kind of keyword interference will not get the ranking results you want. Today, major search engines like Google are looking for naturally occurring keywords that can represent high-quality content. They want users to find what they want, so they can go back to Google for their next search. If Google sends customers to a website consisting essentially of a bunch of spam keyword articles, and these articles have little or no real information, then they will not use Google to search next time.

The same goes for placing keywords in META tags, alt tags, page titles, and page descriptions. If the page or picture has nothing to do with the dog’s dress, don’t use this keyword phrase. Only use keywords that apply to the content of the page or image. Don’t try to fool web crawlers with keywords in meta tags that don’t apply to specific pages on your site.

New rule-link

The new link rules are very similar. When using the old web design rules, Denver businesses joined the link community, which artificially created a large number of reciprocal links for their websites. This will be a red flag for today’s major search engine spiders. You need to spend time attracting legitimate links from companies related to the type of content provided on your website. If you are a pet groomer, you can link to pet stores, pet drug sales websites, and dog sweater companies, but do not link to any random old websites that want to improve search engine rankings. In general, the new rules promote useful and natural websites, which is good news for Internet users everywhere.

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