SEO Web Links: Directory choose

if you’re writing a textbook on SEO link, you

can almost be certain that there will be a section on the network

directory. They used to be the main form of proactive

joint before acquiring one-way inbound links in the content,

blog, or paid link market really took off.

Web directories and search engine optimization links: what went wrong?

In a few years, you have to rewrite this chapter of

the catalog and web links. In fact, you might

be from a web directory down to a chapter two. In the

SEO world, nothing good can last for a long time, so it is such a

web directory

traffic. With Google are more accurate than ever before, there is no
more reason to resort to manual editing of the list of sites. A

directory may make you click once or twice a month – or

that did not

redirect. Once the directory owners realize that their link
popularity is valuable, they started advertising it. Overnight,

many directories (if not most) of them will switch to HTML links

search engines are not visible redirection.

cost. Most directories contain start charging, or
at least, included in the link instead of redirection. If the

cost is reasonable, it will not be so bad. But why do

you spend $ 35 on a PR 3 page with dozens of links to other

links and hardly any content in a website and reduce

the traffic situation?

corruption. In the field of search engine optimization, low-hanging fruit will soon disappear
sucks. Any links volunteer editors in the business category

directory is likely to be

damaged SEO

link popularity suspicious. Given the notoriety of many people
selling or improperly awarded a directory of links,

not difficult to imagine the quality of the search engine control

engineer close links popular juice


, “Welcome to our list.” If a directory is not to
enter, it could Request payment in the form of an email address.

You’d better use your dedicated Hotmail account.

Position the text. Many directories do not allow the text to locate
Specifically, willing to provide as little SEO value

may be due to the efforts of the documents submitted to pay them.

time. When the link directory is really crucial to efforts
to classify network, which links very simple to obtain

a good site to let them know. Since

they became strict supply chain

popularity, the kind of response capability it does not exist.

Without any special application promptly promised
to follow up

the application form is typically empty into a black

the state can not check submitted

threat submitted resubmitted in the following cases:

no response from

network directory links alternatives for the 21st century

twist interconnected. If you and other people
website owners, you can link trade triangle, so that they

Not directly. Heck, if you really like each other, you can

order it, a link to another site! It is

contact me and some high PR

to write a blog. Early to write blog, write a blog often, it was sure to
link to you. This is the essence of blogs. The fastest way to

get inbound links from your blog? Write other blogs. This

controversy the better. This article posted on the

Webmaster blog, in the same blog post, citing the blog

suggested that links directory is still a good idea! In

the blog circle, dispute means that a lot of links.

Article directory. These are the closest thing to contact the
optimization from a search engine perspective, the directory will appear in the 21st century

century. You submit an article to one of the site (of which

there are more than 200). In your article, you include a link to

the site. Article directories are all links in the directory used

to do: responsive, fair, fast, free, relevant, high quality

is not only a source of links, and is a source of information. Well, most of their

page is PR0, the remaining pages tend pr1-2. But most

article directories, you can choose your exact anchor text

links – often more valuable than the PageRank

search phrase. Also, if most of your links are in PR 4

Page, how natural does this look?

In short, even if the link to this page catalog still have some SEO

value, they should no longer be your first stop one-way

inbound links. Much better, much less increase, the connection method

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