SEO – which in the end what it meant, how do I do

when you first start thinking about advertising for your site, you can easily be tempted to think you find a bigger place on the Internet could be a game , You really need to resort to deception to achieve your goals.

The purpose of this article is to tell you why Google can’t be the main focus of online marketing, and can’t even write submissions.

The weird thing is that in order to be successful on all search engines, you don’t want them to be the main target of your respective internet marketing, because:

=> Yahoo and google will not be your internet site site visitors.

=> You can’t build a relationship with search engines like google.

=> Search engines are not interested in becoming customers.

=> Search engines won’t refer others back to you after having had an awesome encounter with you.

=> Most critical of all, Yahoo and the other search engines definitely won’t be spending any money with you!

Don’t get me wrong-it’s important to put search engines in your sideline vision, design and promote your web pages, and make sure they can easily identify your website What is it about. Yahoo and Google cannot be ignored, but they must not be the central goal of your website building or article promotion attempts.

Search engines are like travel organizations. . .

Imagine that you are starting a new business-you have acquired some land on an exotic but wonderful island, and you are building an exotic island resort for travelers.

You already know that most of your business will rely on recommendations from travel companies, so you start making ads wholeheartedly, mistakenly showing that you are running away in the most attractive way, so that you can cleverly enter the list of travel agencies.

Your main marketing materials look great and very convincing. The only problem is that the Internet website does not provide your marketing slogan exactly. In the process of establishing an image for the company, you ignore the real people, who will come to your island for vacation, and if their experience is really pleasant, they will come back.

If your travel experts discover from their clients that your tropical island vacation is not what we promised, what do you think the actual end result will be? Because these people want to get the excellent experience of their own buyers, they will of course push your business directly on their suggestion record, and you will get fewer target visitors.

You can make your website (and your article) to help these potential customers

I believe you have to understand this metaphor most likely a distant tropical island retreat and Google and other major search engines It is a tourism enterprise.

Suppose you have adopted other methods to allow your organization to serve your visitors, always working to provide them with a better experience and a more favorable perception of your resort?

You will understand that if you build a customer-centric company and are happy to see which company meets the needs of customers, then tourism groups will naturally want to introduce their customers to you, because it will definitely produce Very good influence.

You really don’t need to use tricks or false impressions-all you should do is take an adventure that tourists like. The remaining part will definitely be put away by itself.

The functions of search engines are the same. . .

On your website, you will want to stop paying a lot of attention to Google and start focusing your awareness on the experience of website visitors. If you do this, your ranking will obviously start to get better.

You still need to advertise your website, just like any island resort will have advertisements to spread their business news. The main difference is to create a web page to serve these potential customers first, and then continue to promote.

Your homework:

1-Think about what it means to have a very good website full of important content. Anytime you please your audience, then Google will obviously appreciate you.

2- Use an advertising and marketing method that has been proven to be fair, such as bum marketing your Internet website. Publish articles or blog posts to provide information to your customers. Similarly, your articles and your website need to be created in a way that provides benefits to your visitors. Yahoo and Google are looking for something special: pages that contain valuable, high-quality information. This is really a very simple concept: if you want to meet the needs of the three major search engines, your starting point is to think about what will satisfy the people who visit your website and browse your posts.

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