Start a new website – your search engine optimization guidelines

take into account all the effort, time and money to achieve top search engine rankings and establish a normal organic traffic flows, it is time to carefully build and launch a new website intended to replace a old.

It takes a long time, sometimes even years, to reach the highest ranking; but if you are not careful, you may lose the ranking within a few hours…and all the efforts you have taken months or years to reach All will be in vain! Here are some guidelines that can help you keep up with the value of your website’s SEO, while reducing any adverse effects that might have an adverse effect on your website’s ranking.

And Linking Format support url

if you have a site on the Internet has been for some time, then create some value for it through inbound and internal links are wise. When building a new website, it is very important to note that changing the URL of any previous website pages will reduce the quality or value attributed to these pages. Therefore, in this new website, try to keep up with the URL and link structure of the previous website. For example, if Google indexes a large number of pages of your website, or your current website internal pages are already ranked, make sure you maintain the same URL structure to prevent redirecting previous links. Once again, if the existing website adopts a search engine-friendly link structure, then the best way is to bring the same structure to your new website to achieve the purpose of search engine optimization.

Google analysis

Most of the time, many Web developers often ignore the analysis of the code Google introduced a new website built before publishing practices. Website developers should use this approach carefully to ensure that analysis data will not be lost when the new website is finally released, giving you the opportunity to immediately check the performance of the new website. In addition, you can create a footnote for the launch date of your new website in googleanalytics. This makes it very easy to compare the performance of the website before and after launch.

Old URL redirect

Of course, it will be perfect for SEO to optimize your website if the same URL is retained; however, in some cases, you may not be able to do this. An example is when a new site is launched, some pages on the previous site no longer exist. In this case, although the link to the old URL is no longer available on the new website, you can still maintain a large part of the search engine optimization value; this is by setting a 301 redirect to redirect from the previous link to the new website The corresponding link on the.

Conversion tracking

a new website may be new actions or modify the previous site. The example is a new inquiry to promote your product. The old saying “prevention is the best medicine” has always been true, and starting a new website is no exception. It is best to prevent unfavorable things from happening when starting a new website.

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