Step optimize page to get the highest ranking

Normally, there is no way to get a page rank for each keyword or phrase in each search engine. However, you can make at least one page in your website rank high in every search engine or several search engines. Ideally, you would want one of your web pages for each of your main keywords. This may require consideration of how to set up the page to obtain the desired result.

Research the rankings of the sites above and below you. Look for patterns. Does your website above have more target keywords appearing in the title tag? Does the site immediately below you have fewer keywords in different elements of HTML than your site?

Do you have an index in at least every spider-driven search engine? Make sure your page design has been optimized for your target keywords and phrases, and then resubmit. If you submitted it recently, please make sure you have enough time for the engine to add you to their database.

Are you at least in the top 30 of your main keywords? If not, redesign some pages (or create), and then resubmit.

You may find that your ranking suddenly rises or falls sharply. When this happens, you need to understand why. I suggest you submit or resubmit your site to each search engine, and which pages you submitted. You may even want to create subdirectories or your website with different copies at different stages. In this way, if your ranking drops after submitting the B version, you can go back and research what makes the revised version better. This requires some planning to be effective. This is the key to getting a good ranking. There is no 100% effective page design or strategy, especially when you consider that every search engine frequently changes its algorithms. The method that worked this month may not work next month, and then one or two months later, the old technology may not work. Every search engine is different and constantly changes and adds new pages to its index. Over time, these will affect your position, sometimes quickly. Search engine optimization is an iterative process, not a one-time effort. Before resubmitting, be sure to “stabilize” the page you submitted. It usually takes one to two months for submitted pages to reach “organic” rankings.

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