Stop work for Google, began to make Google work for you

you need traffic, Google can give you traffic. There are two ways that Google can send traffic to your website: an expensive way and a free way. I want to tell you how to let Google give you traffic for free.

You don’t need any traffic, you need target traffic. For those who are not familiar with this term, targeted traffic refers to the clicks on your website by people who are really interested in the topic of your website. If your clicks are targeted, your marketing will be more effective. This is an example of targeted marketing. Imagine a salesman is trying to sell dental chairs. He put together a flyer, which described the great benefits of his branded chair, and he decided to give the flyer to people. Which type of people do you think will respond better to his flyers—a group of women attending a scrapbook meeting, or a dentist attending a meeting of the American Dental Association? Don’t think too much! But even better, if he goes to a seminar called “How to start your first dental practice from scratch”, these people already have the idea of ​​buying a dental chair. This is the target flow.

When I started my first online business, I went straight to googleadwords. This is one of the fastest ways to get target traffic. Basically, you pay Google to make your ads appear on the right side of the browser. You can do this by bidding on keywords. When someone enters your keywords into Google, ads will appear. Just go to Google and type anything in the search box. If you look to the right side of the screen, you will see three lines of small ads. You may not even know that these are advertisements. Not only ads, but every time you click on these ads, people will pay. This is the perfect target traffic because people are actually searching for your topic.

So, when I started my first advertising campaign, slowly but surely I developed a targeted marketing campaign to send 40 to 50 visitors to my website. These people are going to buy what I sell. They did it; but what a cost! I spend 80 dollars a day on advertising. unacceptable! My daily sales are only about $100, so after deducting advertising costs, my net income is only $20 a day. If I can only get traffic without paying, my annual income will increase from US$7300.00 per year (US$20/day x 365 days) to US$36,500 per year (US$100/day x 365 days). You may want to know how to get free target traffic-I will tell you in the next few paragraphs.

When I realized how much money I spent on advertising, I started to research ways to get free targeted traffic; commonly referred to as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If your website appears on the first page of Google search results, then you will get free traffic. Not only that, it is targeted traffic because someone just entered a phrase or keyword related to your website. So, how do you get to the first page? In order to understand this, you need to understand how Google ranks their pages. All this boils down to a principle: Google wants to provide high-quality search results, so they want to rank related links higher than irrelevant links. One of their ways to determine relevance is to count how many other websites link to your website. These are called “backlinks”. The assumption is that the more links to your site, the more relevant your site will be.

Armed with this knowledge, I went out and bought some links. You may not know this, but in fact some companies will allow you to buy links on their web pages. I bought one link for $20 per month and the other for $75 per month. It is much cheaper than Adwords, but it did not make me rank higher, nor did it bring me much additional traffic. Two links are not enough to make me rank higher in Google. What I need is a way to get a lot of backlinks. Then I heard an interesting idea: article marketing.

Article marketing is simple. You write an article and put a link to your website at the bottom of the article (in the author information area). Then you publish your article on an “article site”. For every article you publish, you will get a link to your website. Not only that, this is a targeted link, because the content of your article will be related to the content of your website. It is best to post to as many article sites as possible. Every time Google sees a new target link to your website, it will improve your ranking a bit. There are almost hundreds of article sites, and they are all looking for fresh content. Post your article in as many places as possible. Anxiously! Now you have a lot of backlinks. This is article marketing. It’s that simple. And it’s free.

In the beginning, I manually posted to about 7 article sites. This is quite time consuming. I immediately noticed some extra clicks on my website. But in order for article marketing to be cost-effective for me, I need a way to publish to hundreds of article websites quickly and easily. Then I heard about the article submission software. Basically, this software has a list of article sites, it guides you through a process, your article to multiple sites. So I posted this article to more than 200 websites. boom! Now my website ranks second in a certain keyword combination. This is effective search engine optimization. This is merchandise marketing. that’s all. Now you know how to make Google work for you. You no longer need to pay for Google ads. In addition, you can also publish a helpful article online, which can make a lot of money. Let article marketing work for you today. Post one more article, write one more article!

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