Super simple search engine optimization -6 simple things you can do today to improve your search engine ranking

search engine optimization (SEO) is probably the most consumed, one of the most complicated areas of marketing your website is one of the least Accurate information exists.

Often, advice that has been outdated for many years is still regarded as gospel, with harmful consequences.

But let’s stop talking nonsense and show you 6 simple techniques that you can use today to start achieving impressive results like professionals.

Please keep in mind that this is not everything you don’t know about this topic (to be honest, it almost touches the surface), but if you apply these concepts to your website, it will give you a good At the beginning, you are ahead of 99% of your competitors.

The challenge
although some keywords have tens of millions of competitors (and searches) every day, but others Keywords competitors is small, but potential visitors are few.

You want decent traffic, but you don’t want to compete with real professional players, otherwise you will be eliminated.

So this is a balancing act.

Find a keyword research tool that you are satisfied with (here is a handy free guide on keyword research to tap your niche.

I suggest that if you are new to search engine optimization, the main keywords you are looking for are no more than 50,000 competitors and ideally more than 100 searches a day.

Once you have found a primary keyword, you will be happy to dig further and find other secondary keywords.

Therefore, if your main keyword is “cheap computer”, then your second keyword might be “buy cheap computer”, “build cheap computer” and so on.

Ideally, all secondary keywords should include the primary keyword and one or more additional words searched by the target audience.

You have to write at least one article focusing on these key phrases and link them to create your website.

This ensures that your website is focused, the correct links are around the keyword phrases your target audience is looking for, and you should be able to get a decent list.

Choose your website address
on your site address should contain your main keyword phrase. Therefore, in the above example, using “cheap computers”, the possible domains (if available) could be,,, etc.

Don’t worry about using hyphens, but don’t make your domain name too long, otherwise it will appear “spam” to search engines and potential visitors, and make sure your domain name ends with .com ideally, if not .net.

We should consider other options

you choose this domain is critical, because it not only allows your main keywords in them, but also means that when people link to you, they will be forced to include your key in their link Word, this is another important factor in your ranking.

Keep your keyword density
these days is more important than ever that your website keyword density of the article. I don’t bother looking for accurate numbers like some marketers with poor information, just try to add your keywords from time to time.

Therefore, an article about buying cheap computers will mention “buying cheap computers” many times. Also consider, if it is read correctly, split your phrase into individual words and use these words in your article. So in our example, use “buy”, “cheap” and “computer” several times in your article, not necessarily adjacent.

Properly organized page
for each keyword articles a concern to ensure that articles relevant keywords appear in the page titles and meta tags.

Pay attention to your internal links
Try to avoid regular links like “click here” and “article” in your website navigation.

Keep them specific and unique, including your keywords. So you wrote an article about “Buying Cheap Computers”? Then link to it to read something like “read our guide to buying a cheap computer”.

It helps to keep your website unique, make search engines pay attention to what your article is about, and notice how you managed to include your main keyword phrase “cheap computer”?

A side link like this will greatly increase the density of your page.

Oh, please use text links instead of image links.

Generate keywords intensive incoming links
Once you have set up more than a strategy, you simply by using article submission, press releases, link exchange, etc., to generate a large number of links from relevant and popular sites.

Make sure they include your main keyword phrase, but don’t overdo it.

Just mention your main keyword once in each link to the site.

These links will drive your website traffic, increase your ranking, and allow search engines to find you, so you don’t need to submit your website to them. This is all you need to know. good luck!

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