Tabu search engine optimization

SEO is a search engine that allows you to reach incredible heights in the rankings activity. However, it can also prove to be retribution for your internet marketing activities. If you take the wrong approach, you will get stuck.

When you start an active campaign to promote your online business, search engine optimization can be a very beneficial investment. However, if you use the wrong technology, your website may be supplemented by Google, Yahoo and other search engines, blacklisted or even banned! , MSN, etc.

When it comes to search engine optimization services, you need to comply with some strict prohibitions. Try to stay away from the following activities:

Meta tag stuffing-don’t use too many title tags or keywords in your meta tag list. This will prove that you are desperate to improve your ranking, rather than using’fair’ methods.

Hidden text-Optimizers often use keywords in the hidden text of web pages. This text is not visible to users, but is crawled by search engines, so the website is optimized for better results.

Irrelevant keywords-You should always use keywords that form the core of your website content. Although this may not be caught by search engines immediately, sooner or later, you may have to face the axe.

Link farms-when you enter off-page optimization, try to avoid linking to “bad neighbors”. If a link field establishes a link to your website, you will not be punished. However, if you link your website to a link field, search engines may ban you.

Penalized sites-try to stay away from link exchanges with penalized or blacklisted sites. Even if you have done nothing wrong on your website, you can also blacklist your website with the banned website by linking it. As an optimizer, you should always remember that your competitors cannot really blacklist your website, despite using negative strategies. If you land in this situation, you will be fully responsible for your wrong actions.

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