Ten SEO error: # 4: Wrong Meta keywords

before you just put your keyword stuffed meta tags you want people to find your phrase in the search engines. Later Google also appeared. Google decided to rank websites based on the number and quality of website links and the content on the website.

Unfortunately, this means that many website designers stop using meta tags. Many search engine optimization “experts” declared that meta tags are “dead”, content is king, links are king.

SEO experts are partly right. Most search engines are belittling the value of Meta tags. However, they are still very important, and if you don’t use them effectively, you will have your own fruit.

Why use meta keywords?

Meta keywords found in the “Head” section of web pages are still used by many smaller search engines as criteria for website content. I believe you know that in any industry, it is not good to rely solely on a “golden goose”. Although Google (about 50% of web search users) currently does not seem to calculate meta keywords in page relevance, it tends to change the “algorithm” of the search engine every few months.

This means that even if you only want to attract visitors from Google (for some reason, you want to alienate half of the Internet search users), you may not miss anything today if Google’s complex algorithm is again in the near future Is change really worth the risk?

Meta keywords and their positioning

Now that you’ve decided need to be included in the meta keywords for each page, what keywords you should use and how they should be targeting?

First, you should only use keyword phrases that are included in the content of the page. Otherwise you may be suspected of trying to mislead search engines.

Second, you should separate each different keyword phrase with commas and spaces.

Third, don’t use the same word next to each other in keyword phrases.

Fourth, you should not use the same keyword more than three times.

Fifth, don’t repeat keyword phrases in keyword meta tags.

Sixth, you should put your most important keyword phrases at the beginning of your meta tag keywords. The keyword value on each page does not exceed 6, and does not exceed 6.

A good example of meta keywords Below is a good example of meta keywords. Please note that it is assumed that the content of the page contains all of the following keyword phrases.

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