The basic principles of search engine optimization is divided into 11 steps


people use search engines to find things. Although you should avoid making your business completely dependent on search engines with free traffic, it is still important to consider search engines in your overall internet marketing strategy. Ignoring search means leaving a large portion of your business on the desktop, which will make it harder for you to stay competitive, depending on your industry and what your competitors are doing. Search engine optimization is not a technology to a certain extent. It has nothing to do with magic, and fairy dust will not help you in any way. It also requires a long-term strategy and commitment in order to achieve and maintain success. There are no silver bullets and no shortcuts.

Because its long-term commitment is necessary and is the key to the success of a good strategy, a strategy is followed, verified and carefully reviewed in the process.

When you do business on the Internet, the following 11 steps are part of a repetitive cycle, so only the tasks from steps 6 to 11 need to be performed more frequently. Since steps 1 to 5 are not often repeated, is it necessary to give them special attention and care in order to proceed correctly at the beginning. Mistakes made there will have a negative impact on other people and will hurt your efforts.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is the most important first step, not be taken lightly. Although you can easily test and change hundreds of keywords in paid search activity, so it is impossible to optimize for organic search. You usually focus on one to five key phrases for the entire website (topic), and one to three phrases on one page. For large sites with thousands of pages, due to time and other resource constraints, it is difficult to fully optimize each page.

Competitive intelligence
about your competitors! what are they doing? What is their ranking and which one? Who has contact with them? Why? What you have to do depends on what your competitors are doing. The less competition in your vertical network, the easier it is for you to outperform your competitors. This is very important for determining the cost and resources of search engine optimization.

Web design and development
Repairing broken things is always harder than building from scratch. In the process of website design and development, if you are in the process of designing a new search engine, you must consider its friendliness. This will save you a lot of time and money, and in most cases, you are already ahead of many competitors. Search engine-friendly design is not rocket science, and search engine-friendly design is not necessarily ugly. Search engine-friendly design is also user-friendly design to a large extent, but there are some exceptions, and compromises must be made.

Get the first inbound links
do not submit your new site to search engines, and never will be paid to any person you do it. There are many cheap services and software products that offer submissions for less than $100 and are ranked number one in thousands of search engines. Don’t do this. If you see such an offer, run with your wallet. Your website should be found naturally by search engines, and they will find your website if a page is already linked to you in their index. Why? Because this is what search engines do, discover content through links. There are many ways to get the first inbound link. Some web directories are recognized by search engines, and making a list there is good for your website. Most recognized directories are commercial in nature and charge a fee to review your website. Please also contact the supplier or good customer (B2B) who has the opportunity of a website and let them place a link to your website.

large search engines allow webmasters to submit sitemaps to them through the webmaster console. Search engines also provide reports and other useful information, such as technical issues with your website, which you may not know through their console. Even if you decide not to submit a sitemap to search engines, is it recommended that you create an account and register your website with them in order to obtain free reports and statistics from them, which are very important to your Internet marketing efforts valuable.

Website analysis
If you do not track and measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, you cannot be sure of its success. Participating in any type of online marketing activities, whether it is search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, email marketing, social media or affiliate marketing, is like phishing in the dark, without any type of web analytics solution. The options range from free services to very expensive and customizable packages. You must determine what solutions will work for you, but you must start with one, so don’t delay. Web analysis helps you decide where to improve your website and your marketing activities, direct your resources and money to useful things, and take it away from those that don’t work. If handled properly, Web analytics is not a cost center.

Part of building a
website is never done. It must change and evolve over time. This is a natural process to adapt to market changes and mature in this type of medium and your normal business growth. Provide high-quality content related to what you do, but not necessarily to sell something directly. This is the best opportunity to increase traffic and business exposure. Most people will not link to pages that are only used for sales purposes.

Link building
Internet is not a no link “network.” It will only be a collection of independent pages, and there is no connection between these pages. The broken pages cannot be found, which defeats their purpose, doesn’t it? Inbound links and internal website links are important organic traffic, which means that people see and click on these links to get your website, but they are also important for search engine optimization. When it comes to the ranking of pages in search results, inbound links play an important role in almost every search engine. This is a never-ending process, although it happens naturally. Be active to get more and good inbound links. There are many websites that should link to you, but don’t know you and your content.

Participation, trust and community building
Social media and web2.0 may be hot words, but the underlying core elements they constitute are more basic and basic. Don’t live in a bubble and don’t allow others to respond and interact with you when talking to others. Whether you are present or not, people will talk about you. Seize the opportunity to participate in the discussion and build trust and deeper relationships with your customers or potential customers. Listen to what they say and understand their needs and needs. Listen to what they say about you and your product, especially their criticism and improvement.

Ranking and traffic analysis
check your position today to be able to be compared with future data. Look for trends and evaluate the success of your goals. Before you participate in any type of marketing activity, you should specify these goals. I hope the goals you set are measurable. Improving ranking is important for search engine optimization, but more important than ranking is the traffic that follows. Will the change in ranking bring the traffic you expected? Has this traffic really converted?

Conversion Analysis No matter what you do, it will ultimately boils down to a key factor. What is your bottom line? Are you profit or loss. Although it is okay to lose money for strategic reasons in the short term, long-term losses are also regarded as failure and the end of the business. Whatever you do, it must directly or indirectly contribute to the positive return of the investment. Among other tools and methods, Web analysis is part of the process of making this decision. Expand what works, help your bottom line, and get rid of those things that don’t work. Improve the details to increase the conversion rate. This requires testing. Don’t refuse anything before testing. What works for others may not work for you, but the reverse is also true.

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