The basic principles of search engine optimization

to create a site is an amazing feeling, because everything together. You spent days or even weeks putting it together on this website or blog piece by piece. Emphasize every detail, from the smallest format in the title to the content and where it will be placed. All of this is great for those who want to start an online business, but after your existence is created, you suddenly realize that without any marketing methods, there is no chance to build any traffic. The saddest thing I have ever seen is webmasters and bloggers, but they don’t understand basic internet marketing and search engine optimization practices, resulting in very low success rates. My idea has always been that when you create something you want people to see, then you have to create travel paths for your tourists. By road I am of course referring to links to top websites and blogs related to your niche.

Once you have the idea of ​​creating basic content and establishing links to your main website. The next step is to learn all the keywords and terms you can learn. These are basically the essence of search engine optimization, the more you understand your website, the better. When you learn any given keyword or term, one of the first checks is to go to Google to search for “Google Adwords Keyword Tool”. This will open a tool that allows you to view the monthly search volume for any keyword you type. Not only will it tell you the search volume of the word you entered, but it will also show the search volume of 100 other words that are closely related to the word you entered in Google. With this information, you should be able to easily set keywords and terms on your website. Usually, what I will do is take some of the most searched words and optimize my website index for these. Then I will optimize my subpages or blog posts for some smaller keyword searches. This explains some of the basic principles of search engine optimization. The last search engine optimization topic, I really think it hasn’t covered enough time. In the first few months of your website, if you can even be indexed to Google, you will be lucky. In the next step you will need to spend several months to establish links to certain terms. If you have established enough links, you will appear in the top thousand. From the 5th month to the 12th month, you will strive to rank among the top three in some of these terms. This does take a long time, because you are catching up with existing websites and blogs, but if you stick to and understand the time frame, you will be fine.

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