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SEO (search engine optimization, search engine optimization) business has become a major player in the Internet business market. Webmasters and website owners always come to a stage where they want to know why their business can’t make money, despite the eye-catching domain name, excellent design and amazing Flash animation on the homepage. The first thing to blame is the webmaster, because he only needs to deal with servers, hosting functions, market analysis, programming languages, HTML design, art, copywriting, customer support and related tasks, so he is always on hand.

When webmasters realize the need for visibility and SE free traffic, they usually look for SEO services. Choosing a search engine optimization company is not easy because their methods are secret and their results are difficult to compare. It is often found that some SEOs are not available because they are busy selling their own things and enjoying the results. SEOs are ready to sell services in order to collect some money while learning how to do the work.

Most SEOs charge a fixed fee, which depends on the number of pages, the number of keywords, the language of the bilingual website, and possibly a large number of website words. Internal links are another pricing factor, because links are often accompanied by complexity.

If we need to make a search engine optimization quote, we also evaluate the current state of search engine optimization, because working with a new website, where any results will be welcome, better than optimizing an established website with decent web pages Ranking, many incoming links and a structure need to be respected to avoid loss of existing traffic. It is also possible that someone has already begun to do search engine optimization work, and obvious steps have been taken, forcing us to focus on subtle, controversial or difficult to achieve changes. We made the first attempt at the online search engine optimization cost calculator for the number of pages and keywords, but we still use a lot of guesswork and risk for our budget.

Customers often hope that our search engine optimization work is based on an SE positioning result. So, if we don’t get the result, we don’t charge any payment. Inexperienced website owners can easily fall prey. I can provide them with a Google’s first screen in the Joe Average Butcher store and get rid of it. However, we ran into trouble when the client asked to provide the first screen under a pornographic website or mp3cd.

Measure given the difficulty of locating state and / or advantages help to:

optimize the user fee to the search engine results according to

established SEO technique, tool or company’s value

assessment or development site domain name

keywords before starting a search engine optimization campaign, In order to find the reachable target (not easy, not difficult).

In this case, the existing keyword competition has two meanings. One is the difficulty of ranking, because it is very likely that good SEOs have entered this market. For other searchers, the top-ranked ones may get more rewards.

Relative to the strategic value of SE positioning, there are currently no public indicators and methods for measuring the results of SE positioning. When searching for these and related terms, we did not find any such metrics:

measuring SE positioning

“SE positioning measurement”

“SE positioning result”

“SE positioning index”

So, if someone creates some sensible search engine optimization rate or index, He didn’t know enough search engine optimization to make it appear on Google. . . Bad omen.

(For indexation, I may include relevant keywords in this article… sorry;)

Search engine optimization companies do not share a standard. When they need to compete, they will use a fixed, arbitrary keyword to conduct positioning competitions. So, if you search under mangeurdecigogne (Stork Eater), you will be surprised to see 153,000 results, mostly from a famous search engine optimization competition. The real SEO competition is the term SEO, which is the highest award for most SEO companies, with 28 million Google serps. It’s harder to get to the 20th article than on 10 million pages of search optimized pages, just like us. Or get the first promocion de sitios (website promotion) in 2 million Spanish searches, which is a piece of cake.

As you can see, I use the number of Google indexed pages to measure popularity. If you are the number one in a million, that’s great. But is it better to rank second out of 2 million people? How about the 10th place out of 20 million?

What we all know is that ranking 20th out of 100,000 people is better than ranking 50th out of 1 billion people, just because no one cares about searching for a website that ranks 50th.

Therefore, we first recommend:

Keyword SEPI-Search Engine Positioning Index = Total page number / Position ^ 2)

The Google positioning index of my page ranked first under Google First Place is:

185/1 ^2 = 185

This is one Index available, but still incomplete.

For experienced SEOs, it seems easy to be the first “non-improved female quality” (240,000 results), and “improved male quality” (500,000 results) seems almost impossible. Why? Because the result of the first batch of 100 underage women was purely accidental, and the first batch of 100 underage people appeared because the shrewd seo tried to sell Viagra and made an insurmountable effort.

For the quality assessment of positioning difficulty, we need to analyze the top 10 sites in the SERP, looking for factors such as PageRank, backlinks, and optimization status.

In order to check whether a keyword is very competitive, we have several ways to search. We can count the number of advertising words, which reflects the interest of the webmaster on the keyword. In addition, when SEO fails to locate a website in the organic (free) SE results, they will pay for PPC activities such as advertising. We also use the Overture keyword selection tool, which provides monthly search statistics.

Market variables are another matter. If our customer wants to be the first person in “Eating Stork”, it will be difficult for him to do this, even though this keyword has no commercial value.

The best estimate of keyword difficulty is a complex formula proposed by the author of It’s free, it takes into account many factors, such as:

in Google, Yahoo and other results have no paid advertising or offer
Alexa ranking

keyword difficulty from 0-100%, although I never found any critical than 0.5 word. Sex, host and Brittney are all around 0.45. Very strange keywords are usually around 0.2.

Therefore, the total result and keyword difficulty are used to calculate our new index. These factors that affect the difficulty of positioning are chosen because they are relatively easy to calculate. However, I always know my wishes first. Of course, this is a valuable trade secret.

A good search engine positioning index should be:

can replicate



easy to calculate



free (or cheap)

Then, I propose:

Keyword SEPI = Total page results for the keyword searched between quotes in Google * Keyword Difficulty ^ 2 (to the square) / (Position ^ 2)

Keyword SEPI is: Keyword Search Engine Positioning Index

To analyze multi-keyword As a result, such as those from an event, a tool, or a search engine optimization company, we considered the summary of part of the sepi.

We believe that SEPI will be a useful indexing webmaster community. The free SEPI calculator is located on our website:

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