The key search engine marketing you may not have the key to the proper use of

meta tags. They were once an important factor in search engine optimization and search ranking games, but now they have become a nostalgic theme for professionals who have been for a while. At Starbucks, you can hear them drinking coffee and talking about “Remember when you put the Meta-Keywords tag on top of Google?”.

However, some people insist that they are still the key to defeating Google’s ranking formula. If you meet those SEO “experts”, run another way.

What is still important in the world of meta tags is the meta description. Unfortunately, although the now irrelevant Meta Keywords tag retains a small one, but the fanatical fan base, the Meta Description tag has received little attention.

Some websites even ignore this completely. This is because it is not and has never been a ranking factor. Nonetheless, it plays a vital role in getting searchers to visit your website, which is the first step in sales. Methods as below.

Why let Google control of your search engine marketing is a bad idea to

your Google list has three elements:

Label title, taken from page Title tag

URL of the page

and a brief copy, this is your only chance to sell search to access your web

copy is taken from where? If you use the correct tag, it will come from, you guessed it, the meta description tag. But what if you haven’t used it? So what will happen to your search engine listings?

The result is that Google just randomly extracts a piece of text from the page and stuffs it into it. There is no context. Do not consider whether this article is best for your purpose. There is no assessment of whether it really sells your website or your business. It does not even have to start or end with a sentence. In other words, it makes no sense to the reader.

How is this going? This is: You give Google your search engine marketing, and they basically do it blindfolded.

Do you really believe that letting Google remove text from your page at will will help you or your business? Please.

The only way to control your information to potential customers is to control the way that information is communicated to them. Within Google, this path is the Meta-Description label. Sit down and write a clear and attractive speech to potential customers on every page. In this way, and only in this way, you can confidently tell your audience that at the very first moment, you must convince them to choose you instead of the other 9 lists on the page.

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