The key to attracting visitors to your site prompted

the establishment of a website is one thing, propaganda is another matter. There are so many pages of good quality that have never been read by suitable people because of the low ranking and unattractive characteristics.

Using your website as your business tool is also an art and a science. To learn it, there are a few key tips. These are very important to look at your website so that it can enter more opinions and attract more visitors.

Homepage: Simple and easy to understand:

Don’t put all the information on the homepage of your website. This will confuse visitors. There are enough instructions and tips so that visitors can find the source of everything they need.

The homepage should look like the center of the website, from there, visitors can go anywhere and click in simple steps.

The homepage can contain some of the most important products, the centralized appeal of your company or website.

Don’t fill your homepage with text; there must be short content, which is navigation, informative, and don’t read too much.

There are few compelling lines like “Best for Beginners” or “Step-by-Step Learning Guide for Beginners” that fit with your product.

Link: –

There should be a link on your homepage so that each visitor can easily and directly access any part he wants. Don’t link other websites to those otherwise your visitors can divert from your website.

A properly made and attractive site map is very necessary; it provides a convenience for novice and expert users to view all the details of the site at the same time. In addition, the site map is very necessary to submit to all major search engines, so that you can get traffic from search engines.

Links to other websites are very necessary, because these links can improve your ranking in search engines. These links should be placed at the bottom of your page or product details, where the links provide related websites.


Web content is the life of a website. Website content is the most important factor in attracting more visitors to your website. Here are some things to see: –

The competition between the same product website is mainly won by the best quality web content. Visitors find it easy to understand and like to use the same website repeatedly. Even such visitors like to tell their friends and family members the address of the website so that other people will use the facility, which will lead to your website becoming a permanent visitor.

Keywords and links are necessary to improve your ranking, but you must see that your content will not affect the quality for other reasons.

The content should be short and effective, and all information should be provided in fewer languages. It should not be so short that the content and the visitor turn are difficult to understand.

It should always be relevant to your website and product.

The content should not describe history, technical details, great inventors or irrelevant absurdities. Tourists come here to shop. They don’t like education until the website is an instructional website, an e-book website or an explanation website.

Search engine optimization: –

Even a perfect website cannot get enough visitors unless it has nothing to do with a large Internet connection system.

Most visitors come to your website through search engines or advertisements you provide on other websites.
The most visited of you are search engines.

The website should be submitted to all major search engines.

The website should contain rich keywords and links to make its results higher in search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

You should decide your keywords by assuming when your visitors need to find a website like yours.

Links will also make your website rank higher, so put relevant links on your page, which adds more connections to your website. The bigger the octopus, the easier it is to approach spiders and robots in search engines.


Advertising is always very important in marketing. Your ads should appear on all relevant major websites, and your visitors have a high probability of going there.

The advertisement should have a strong punch line to attract visitors. It should not have lengthy outlines, but just some lines should create charm and suspense, as if you provide something very important.

Other tips:

-There are some more important things when attracting visitors to your website.

The URL of the website should be easy to remember, and it would be better if it is attractive, so visitors can easily put it on their boy network.

There should be bookmarks available for your website. Once a visitor bookmarks you, you have a permanent customer.

The website should be updated regularly, and people like to see new things whenever they enter the website again.

You should also learn and understand the techniques and procedures to increase traffic, and you should increase traffic. These are the main basic skills that can help you attract visitors to your website, increase your product sales, and improve your business in this electronic age.

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