The most serious error search engine optimization, resulting in lower your search engine rankings

, although there are many different theories about what is the best search engine optimization techniques when it comes to some issues that will work for your search engine optimization work, Some questions, everyone agrees. Among them, the most prominent are:

• no page title

• Using too many graphics on any given page, image or flash animation to

overly complex menu system •

each page on your site has a title is very important. Without keyword search engine optimization, your ranking will not be very good. You can think of it as owning a shop with no signs and blacked-out windows. To ensure that you do your best at this level, make sure that each web page on the site has its own unique title specific to its content. Try to ensure that it contains the main keywords of the page to ensure search engine optimization by search engine spiders.

By using too many graphics, images or flash animations, you may be pleasing to the eye, but search engine spiders will not see it in the same way. Search engines pay attention to the text content of your website. Their spiders will crawl around your website, looking for text, keywords, and other purpose indications. However, they cannot understand images or flash animations, and they will never understand their appeal. Therefore, although pictures are a great way to increase the attractiveness of visitors, adding too many pictures on any given page will reduce the value of search engine optimization. To reduce this problem, try to create a balance on your page. Text content is given real priority. Images, graphics, and flash animations are just a compliment, not the focus of the page. You can also help your website by adding alt tags to each image, so that you can provide some text for search engine spiders, even if it is an image that is actually displayed on the page.

The menu system of your website is the key to proper navigation. Search engine spiders are generally considered to be relatively basic programs. Except for the most primitive menu system, everything else is difficult to use. For example, if your menu contains JavaScript or javaapplet, the search engine spider will not recognize any functions and will not be able to navigate the site correctly. Of course, this is very attractive to people, but search engine spiders are not as capable as people to explain the characteristics of the website. For proper search engine optimization, a simple text link is your best choice, because it is the easiest to understand by search engine spiders. It makes your website more likely to be seen by spiders and therefore receive the best indexing and ranking results. In addition, in most cases, an extremely complex menu system can be quickly copied and implemented through text links and CSS. This will make a huge difference in your search engine optimization results and will be welcomed by all visitors who are still using dial-up and other slow connections.

If you must use a complex menu or site navigation system, make sure to provide at least one site map, which can be used at any time via a text link on the homepage. This sitemap should use text to clearly link to other pages of your website. This way, even if the spider cannot use your regular menu system, it can access all pages through the sitemap. Observe carefully to make sure you avoid these mistakes. Because of your search engine optimization efforts, your chances of getting a high ranking will be very different. Due to simple mistakes, you will avoid conflicts with your own search engine optimization efforts and will enjoy greater traffic to your website.

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