The new data show that the market share of key site optimization

search engine optimization is very popular in the past few years, as more and more companies realize the rules of the Internet market and realize that in order to survive, they need to attract attention on the Web. This is especially effective for the United Kingdom, one of Europe’s leading Internet markets. The number of Internet companies in the United Kingdom continues to increase, the demand for online customers continues to grow, and the competition is fierce.

In November 2007, search engine optimization provider myclicks announced the website market share ranking of UK web traffic. This statistic is based on Internet usage in the UK, ranked by search volume for the four weeks ended November 30, 2007. The group with the largest market share is search engines, followed by social media sites.

In search engines, Google UK and Google together account for 85% of all search engine usage, followed by ask dot com (4%) and yahoo uk (3%). Although Google is undoubtedly the leader, traditional sites such as Yahoo and MSN have fallen behind. The reason for this downward trend is that although Internet users still use these portals to obtain news and other various information, in order to obtain reliable information and sources, Internet users now prefer to use specialized search engines. MSN is currently suffering from a lack of impression and is trying to expand its network. However, this process is very time-consuming and has so far failed to produce good results.

According to the survey, clicks on myuk social networking sites accounted for 5% of the total U.S. clicks. Facebook, Bebo and Myspace are the largest players in this field in the UK. With the rapid popularity of small websites, these websites are also rapidly popularizing. This makes them a very advantageous advertising medium. A good example is Microsoft’s partial transaction with, which has a 2% market share in the UK and is a leader in UK social media sites. This acquisition gives the software giant the opportunity to advertise on this fast-growing network.

The rapid development of social media networks has surpassed the development of large online stores and web-based email clients, which each account for 4% of total UK website traffic. Although traditionally ranked low in the rankings, traditional news sites like bbc ( still account for about 2% of all website traffic in the country.

This survey highlights several major trends in user tastes and preferences. The undoubted new phenomenon is social media sites, which successfully overcome some traditional sites, such as online stores and news sites, in a short period of time. Another trend is the emergence of obvious hot topics in the search engine field. These findings are essential and useful for all types of businesses, especially those web-based businesses that rely solely on SEO methods to gain popularity and attract customers.

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