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organic search engine optimization seems to be the current buzzword. However, unlike many other connection strategies and strategies, this one is actually effective.

What is organic search engine optimization or organic search engine optimization?

Simply put, it is where all the link structure comes from the content-in other words, you let all the content created for your website, blog, and article create links for you.

In fact, the answer is as simple as this article. By reading this article, you may be experiencing one of the best examples of organic SEO. Article marketing is purely organic SEO. You can let your article and your author resource box establish a one-way link from a relevant niche website to your website.

But the key word is content. You must create high-quality original content for this system to truly develop and prosper. The better the content, the faster your ranking and traffic will grow. By generating valuable content in articles, websites, and blogs, you are building real traffic and real links that search engines covet. They will reward your website for higher rankings and even more traffic.

Try to write articles. .

Frankly speaking, I was quite surprised by the effectiveness of the article writing. It looks like a kind little animal. You write about your experiences on your website or blog. Keep your articles short, about 500 to 800 words, even though some of my best-performing articles are longer, about 900 to 1,200 words.

I only wrote about 60 articles. But the benefits are huge; spread my content across the web and establish one-way links to my website and blog. Some of these articles, such as those in or, will be archived, and good deep PR links will be provided in the next few years.

I used some techniques to extend the effectiveness of my article. First, I always start with a keyword or keyword phrase, which I want to target for a specific article. I use, and some other websites to do a lot of research on the keywords of my articles.

I check how many competing keywords there are. Combining a new keyword with a keyword that you already have a high position in the search engine works well. For example, I optimized my website keyword “free” and it appeared on my website. When I introduce a new keyword phrase, I sometimes combine it with Free. Choose the right combination of keywords and you will gain an advantage faster than your competitors.

Always put your keyword phrases in the title of your article. I also made it a habit, instead of picking in a niche, I went for mid-ranking keywords-I was more sure that I would rank on the first page of SERPs for these lower keywords. Since you can easily land on the moon, why waste precious time shooting stars!

I mainly submit my articles to a short list of online article directories (,,,, and, which are the most effective for me. These websites rank well in search engines, even if the viewer may first go to another website to read your article, then it will bring a warmer and more targeted visitor to your own website.

Other webmasters will pick up your high-quality articles from your niche and put them on their website. Increase the links related to the website in an organic way. Google looks very favorable on these one-way links and will reward your website for owning them.

Article marketing is an organic search engine optimization strategy that every website should use. Instead of paying high prices for search engine optimization services, why not write or hire someone to create keyword-rich articles for your website. These benefits will surprise you.

Try to blog. .

Blogging is another form of organic search engine optimization. It also creates links and traffic to your website in a natural way by providing valuable content.

For marketers and webmasters who implement organic search engine optimization, a free blog system is a godsend. A skilled marketer can legally use these online blog programs to increase their website’s ranking, traffic, and revenue. What else can any online marketer or webmaster ask for?

I use many blogs to compliment my website. I build these blogs on the main keywords of my website. For example, on my main internet marketing website, there is a section research laptop, and I created a blog with that covers the same topic. Although all the content is different from what you will find on my main website.

I also use because it is owned by Google and it is very simple to use. I found that publishing my weekly e-magazine on Blogger added another way, where I could convey my information to my subscribers. Not to mention, all the links and pings of a blog come into play.

I also use open source software and system WordPress as my other marketing blog. This is a program that supports php database, and its setup on my site is much simpler than I originally expected. It is one of the best blogging systems I have ever used, and it is very popular with search engines. If you don’t use it-try it.

In addition, I just started using LiveJournal on another blog, and this system is also very easy to use. I usually post on my blog once or twice a week, just some short useful tips or links that visitors or search engines will be interested in. Remember, all these free blog sites are PR9 or PR10 and must be worthwhile.

Spam has become a problem for many blog systems, and I now usually block all comments or ease them. All these spam emails are just to prove the effectiveness of getting links in relevant blogs and can improve your ranking for competitive keywords.

I found that blog is a very effective tool that can make your keyword indexing and ranking very fast. I also like to use those golden double heading lists in SERPs, preferably in the positions of numbers 1 and 2! I found that on the first page, you can get a list of two specific keywords from your website, which brings more traffic than one list.

There is something called the golden section in art, which is a perfect proportion that can produce magic in any painting or drawing. It is an organic and natural effect that appears all over our world. For webmasters, letting your website list 1 and 2 for your keywords must be another form of golden ratio, especially for us.

By the same token, organic SEO is a natural and effective way for webmasters to increase their links and rankings. Articles and blogs are two special tools that we can use to promote natural growth. Create your own prime location and give search engines some talk about organic SEO. Build your links and rank in a natural way. Your website rescue is just a keystroke away!

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