The new site link popularity strategy

major factor for success on the Internet is link popularity. If you have good link popularity, it can increase traffic to your website and bring high rankings in search engines. For a new website that has just been born, building link popularity is a very difficult task. We will discuss what strategies a new website should adopt to increase the visibility of links. First, let us understand the meaning of links, link popularity and link exchange.

What are links and link popularity?

A link (hyperlink or web link) is a connection from one web resource to another web resource. The Internet starts with hyperlinks, where a person goes from one page to another by clicking on the link. Links are buttons and underlined text on a web page, click them to go to other pages.

What is link popularity?

Link popularity refers to your popularity on the Internet, it can measure how many websites or web pages link to you. Link popularity is a measure of the number and quality of links to your site. Link popularity is the number of high-quality hyperlinks pointing to your website.

What is link exchange?

In link exchange basically, we exchange links-you add my link to your website, and I will add your link to mine. This is a barter system that gives links and in turn gets links. By exchanging links with topic-based websites or authoritative websites, you can increase the visibility of your website links, which will lead to an increase in your website’s search engine rankings.

What is the new site link exchange problem?

For new websites, it is difficult to connect with other websites. Even Google, if it gets very few inbound links from other websites, it will index the website. Google says, “The best way to ensure that Google finds your site is to link your page from a large number of pages on other sites…”

One of the reasons is that the site is not included in Google’s explanation:

“If we haven’t found it for months Your website, then our spiders are likely to be unable to find your website. If you add links to web pages, Google will most likely find your website in the future.”

Obviously, your website will not be listed on Google anytime soon. If you are linked by other popular related websites, search engines will usually get news websites very quickly. The new website will also not get reciprocal links from other websites because of unpopularity or 0 PR (Google Page Rank).

Link Building Strategy for New site owners

now, the new site should be what kind of strategy to take on the network began to develop it? This is one of the few that can be used.

Listed on the free web directory
try to list on the Open Directory Project DMOZ (, And submit your site to Yahoo! By visiting Be sure to follow their listing guidelines. In addition to dmoz, an important free directories include:

to your colleagues for links to
attempt to get a link from a friend or associate your website. If you are in business, you can get the link from your dealer or business partner. It will also help you get the theme library link. In the initial stage, you can get links from your friends and related pages or websites. Although they may not be topic-based, at least a search engine like Google will find your link and index it for you.

Free Website Submission Tools
There are many free site submission tool on the Internet. Using them to get listed as a new website owner can hardly find important search engines. Be careful not to submit multiple times to the same search engine, because they may think that you submit spam repeatedly. Further try to stay away from FFA pages, as they are regarded as “link farms” by search engines and listings will be punished.

Join the discussion forum
The discussion form is another medium for getting inbound links. Join a message board related to the topic of your website. If you are an expert in your field, you can reply to many threads. Be sure to include your URL in your signature, and the anchor text to link to the URL should be your website keyword. If the message board allows, you can even add a short slogan about your website at the end of the post. Even if you don’t post, try to add your URL in your profile, this is also an inbound link if it is important from your topic forum. Try to add your detailed information, such as city, country name, interest and occupation profile, because it will make your topic page, all content relevant to you.

E-mail-based discussion
based e-mail discussion lists, archiving on the web, you can also use a similar way to improve link popularity of the site in the form of static HTML pages. In this case, the signature file used with the email program should contain the URL of the website.

Reciprocal links request low page rank sites
new site facing difficulties with high page rank sites to exchange links. It’s best to start exchanging links with your topic or topic-related sites, even if their page ranks are low. Over time, you will see an increase in rankings.

Contact awards by popularity
attempts to join the award sites. There are many websites, open competitions or excellent website design awards or websites with good content you can apply for it. If you get a chance, your short website content will be published on the reward website, which will increase your link visibility.

The main industry associations
There are many industry associations website, publish a list of free sites. Just find the association website related to your product or theme website and list it.

many sites asked to write letters of recommendation, also add your URL. Just research this website and write a short, real recommendation letter about this website. If you can write a good, authentic recommendation letter, you will definitely list your review there. Don’t write vague comments on the guestbook just to get a link.

You can offer discounts or discounts on your goods, products and services to anyone who puts a small banner or text link back to your website.

Subsidiary plans to
build an affiliate program, this is a good way to improve link popularity. Your affiliate will put the branch code there and the website there will contain your URL and you will get inbound links based on the theme.

Free card
trying to get a free card available on the Internet, your full information page and inbound link is also very important, because it is your business card online. It is often said that a good start is half the battle. Therefore, if a new website adopts the above methods to increase the visibility of links, they will definitely establish a good page ranking at the beginning, and on all websites with higher page rankings, they will be ready to exchange links with you, thus providing your website Build solid link popularity. You shouldn’t expect results (increase in search engine rankings) so fast. Wait at least 3 months until the search engines index all your complete website pages.

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