The search engine optimization debate-a good return on investment or the hard to measure

MarketingSherpa’s recent survey of more than 2,400 internal marketers and more than 700 marketing agency executives found that search engine optimization (SEO) is the first to generate return on investment Two effective tools, second only to email marketing. This is good news for all those Internet marketing agencies that are just starting out.

But looking closely at these numbers, we found a slightly different story. Although 36% of respondents believe that SEO has a good return on investment, another 21% of respondents believe that it is difficult to measure. As a result, search engine optimization also ranked third, with the worst effect among the seven marketing strategies.

Why is a strategy hailed as the forefront of Internet marketing and praised for its return on investment also criticized because it is difficult to measure? There are several reasons, most of which are related to the relatively short time SEO has been used as a marketing tool, and the panic that most business owners feel when paying for a relatively new strategy.

The amount of what

is still not a good, reliable analysis tool that can separate SEO and SEM clues clues. Google Analytics is popular because it is efficient and free. It only measures the return on SEM leads, while most other advanced analysis tools, such as click tracking, inevitably confuse SEO and SEM. Frustrated business owners, they can not get reliable data on SEO and SEM, which may be one of those who think that SEO “hard to measure” reasons

of time, time, time to

first page into the Google, or even the second page, look for a popular The keywords require serious time, effort and patience. After all, there are only 10 websites across the country that can access specific keywords or phrases on the first page of Google. The return on investment in the form of higher visibility or better potential customers may be achieved within two months, or more than a year. In fact, any good report on the return on SEO investment should evaluate expenditures and profits annually, rather than monthly.

Size factor

Companies that have the time and resources to wait for things to end have seen a huge jump in profits thanks to search engine optimization. Those small companies that were frustrated in the whole process, or lost the ability to fund search engine optimization, or chose a cheap and inefficient search engine optimization company, they are unlikely, or it is impossible to see To their investment results. This factor may also be the result of a MarketingSherpa survey that found that 43% of “big money” (companies that spend more than $25,000 per month on search engine optimization) plan to increase their search engine optimization budget by at least 11% next year, but only 35% of them Respondents are willing to do so.

Young people

in the final analysis, SEO does not appear that long. People like the idea of ​​it because it is cutting-edge technology, but another aspect of cutting-edge technology is that it often doesn’t have time to really prove itself. Companies praise the obvious advantages of SEO (zero cost per click, long-term rankings, no ongoing bidding wars), but when it comes to prepaid expenses, they are not so sure, because these costs will be incurred at some distant moment in the future result. There are no standards and no rules in this industry, and most of the literature on SEO can be found on the Internet, review articles, and blogs.

Is search engine optimization an effective tool? right. We can’t make it clearer, the data speaks for itself. According to a Forrester Research survey, 93% of Internet users use search engines, and 97% of users will never exceed the first three results they find. Not only that, due to the culture of advertising aversion, 76.7% of Internet users use organic rather than paid lists. But search engine optimization is not cheap or easy. Anyone who promises you the first page of $500 a year is lying. So, count the costs, study the benefits, and prepare for an exciting journey.

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