Three factors search engine optimization

Google is one secret, mysterious company.

In fact, most people don’t know the exact formula search engines use to rank which websites are displayed and where. However, we are convinced that this formula consists of only three factors.

In order to create a better experience for users, they usually switch algorithms and assign different weights to different factors, but the factors that play a role remain the same.

The three factors of ranking are backlinks, content, and activity.

The most important factor at the moment is the link.

Links are the glue that connects networks together. Without connection, the Internet is like stars in the clear night sky, floating independently, without connection between each other. Links created the Internet. Without links, there would be no Internet.

Links are the path that spiders take from one page to another and index the entire web.

Each link will be voted for search engines, telling them which webpage is most relevant/popular for a particular keyword or phrase. The more high-quality links on a webpage, the higher the ranking of these keywords in Google.

I say high-quality links, because all links are not considered equal votes. Backlinks from PageRank 9 sites are much more effective than backlinks from PageRank 0 sites. This is why everyone in search engine optimization gives such high ratings to links from .edu and .gov sites. Unfortunately, you can’t just use one strategy or get links from only one source, because it doesn’t seem like your site’s popularity will naturally rise. JC Penny was de-indexed by Google due to excessive use of this technology.

Content is the second factor.

Content means optimizing your website and basically how to organize your content.

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and make it popular and useful.” *

How well your content is organized, it will be easier or harder for search engines to find you and recommend you to a given keyword The person with the most relevant phrase.

The amount of unique content your website has also plays a role. The more indexed pages of a website, the better.

Activity is the final ranking factor of search engines.

Activities are divided into two categories, one is controlled by you, and the other is controlled by Internet users. The frequency of your website updates, website traffic, and the number of comments posted by visitors are all part of your website’s activity and play an important role in your Google search rankings.

Finally, the two secondary factors in search engine optimization are content and activity. There are many WordPress plugins that can help us solve these two problems. Now and in the future, the most important factor is the number of links to a given site. *Source:

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