Three ways to the local business on Google Home methods

are three ways to put local business method Google homepage

you know, there are three ways to make your company or business to appear on the first page of Google. Remember, 85% to 90% of search results are on Google’s homepage, which means if your company or business does not appear on Google’s homepage. The odds of someone searching for the product or service they need and finding you are greatly reduced.

So, if someone searches for “Fort Wayne Carpet Cleaner” locally, there are three ways, three areas where search results can pop up, and ways you can mention your business.

The first method is through local business results, also known as “local” or “map” results. I say Google, obviously because Google is the number one search engine. There are similar local results on Bing and Yahoo.

The second method is Pay Per Click (PPC). These are sponsored links. If you look closely, the text is very small, indicating that these search results are sponsored. Usually, you will find them directly above the local business results, and they will also appear below the search page. Google has done a lot of research on “eye diagrams” or “heat map exercises,” showing where people’s eyes go when searching for search results. The best way to find this research is to simply search for “Google Heat Map Research” or “Google Eye Chart Research”.

After reviewing this research, you will find that searchers will mainly look at the upper left corner, scroll down a bit, and then look a little bit of pay-per-click ads to the right. Just use this research to confirm the content explained in this article—just the necessity of having an existence at or near the top of the first page of Google.

In addition, there is a third place we want to discuss. The organic results are displayed directly below the local or map results. These organic (or natural) results are the result of on-site and off-site optimization of your website.

Many people and even many web developers believe that having an SEO friendly website means that everything on your website can be done. Today, the situation is a bit different. You must have a link to enter your website. Use multimedia-video marketing, article marketing, podcast marketing, blogs, social media, social bookmarking sites all play a role. Obviously, we have a variety of different programs to help people in these three areas, but the last thing I want to give you is to give you an intuitive understanding of these three areas, you can go to the first page of Google Find your business. Similarly, the local search results displayed on Google Maps have three aspects: local business results, not pay-per-click results, at the top and bottom, the last way is organic search engine results. So I hope these will help you better understand the three ways to enter the Google homepage; these are the same as we use Fort Wayne SEO experts.

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