Tips for building an attractive and search engine friendly website

1. Use fresh content on every page of the website. Never copy content

from other sites online. Search engines prefer

content-rich site

2, make sure to add all the meta tags, such as Title tag, Description tag,

keyword tag, ALT tag and H1, H2 tags. All of these labels should contain

the right keywords

3, Meta tags should be on every page of the site is unique.

4, the domain name and URL should contain


5, the right programming should be done in the absence of disconnected


6, try to avoid the flashes on the site. Especially in your

web page, you enter a site because search engines like to see from the top of them

as they entered to meet the

7 reduced by

image. Search engines like websites that load quickly.

8, do not use the same background color text and links,

and do not cover more keywords or to refuse a lot of opportunities to create page

conversion keywords meta tags and content. All these methods are considered


9. When using frames on your site, make full use of meta tags and

[noframes] tags tell the search engine frame set is all about.

10. Add a site map to your website. It will make your website

easily by search engines search.

11. The best use meets certain

accepted HTML standards such as W3C standards. Because

Non-compliant web design could have caused difficulties in the search engine

index your site

12 to establish as many links. But be careful not to

exchange with pornography, drug contact

and other blacklisted website

ranking mentioned above will help you get all the site’s ranking

in all major search engines. Another important fact to consider

before creating a website to choose the right keywords. Stressed that every

page on a particular keyword. Search engine

Once we understand the logic optimization is easy. Do not ignore link building because it is a part of search engine optimization.

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