Top 10 SEO Mistakes: #5: No “H1 Tag”

H1 tags were originally used to help format HTML documents. They literally mean “headline size 1” and are usually the largest fonts used on the Internet. However, because their presence indicates that a page title has larger text, many search engines have decided to consider the page content as an important part of their ranking. Therefore, it is recommended to highlight the main keyword phrases of the page in the title.

Why text based image title is not good

, however, when the web becomes more creative, many website owners do not like the beginning of a large, plain text appearance. Instead, they use text images. Although images can almost guarantee that the same content can be displayed on any computer, and the display of text depends on the settings of a single computer, the text is much more friendly to search engines.

Except for’Alt Tags’ and image file names, images do not contain clear data about what they contain. You can manipulate file names and Alt tags to indicate that the content they contain may not be what is actually displayed.

This means that search engines may always be cautious about images as a way to display page titles. The “content” of the text can never be hidden. Therefore, some search engines believe that text-based titles are more likely to display information related to web searches on their web pages. All conditions are equal, the appearance rate of web pages containing text-based headings in search engines is higher than that of websites that rely on the similar nature and popularity of image-based headings.

Do not just use size attributes

Many page titles, although text-based still do not maximize attract search engines, because they use only “size attribute.” In the example below, the text will be displayed in bold as if it were a page title, but its weight in search engines is not as great as that of pages containing the heading attribute.

Example 1: Commercial articles

In the following second example, HTML will be exactly the same size and appearance of text. However, this example does include the heading attribute, and all things equal will be more popular in many search engines.

Example 2: Business Articles

So what can be learned from the example above it? The design of a website should not only consider its look and feel. Likewise, they should not be designed just for search engines. In the two examples above, the different HTML code used in each example produces the same result.

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