Top Ten SEO Errors: 6: No “Alt Tags”

“Alt Tags”–Alt Tags is the abbreviation of alter Tags, originally designed to be included in the web page when the user’s computer does not have the ability to display images (standard) The text is displayed instead of the image.

However, with the passage of time, almost all computer monitors can now display images. This means that some web designers decide to forget to add Alt tags to pictures. Wrongly wrong.

Alt Tags- keyword tool

Alt tags on the picture provides a good way for your keywords near the top of the page, without compromising the readability of the site. As long as you don’t abuse this, use multiple phrases on one picture, or use the same phrase on multiple pictures, then this should affect the webpage you find in the search engine from the keyword phrase you want Have a positive impact. Alt tags that

help positively influence your internal links

can also positively influence your internal website keyword links. This means that if the image link contains the same Alt tag as the page to which the image is linked or has a similar context, some search engines will consider the value of the linked page to be higher than if the image link did not contain the Alt tag. value.

This is because some search engines believe that the image link is not a standard link, but is actually saying, “Visit this page because it contains Alt-Tag text information.”

Help create additional site entrance path

a website in order to truly succeed, you have to create as many different “entrance.” You can create a new site entry-search engine image search by adding Alt tags to each image.

You can use Google Image Search ( like a search engine. Just enter what you are looking for in the search box and you will see images related to the query. There are other image search engines, such as MSN ( Yahoo (

Unless you specifically require it in the page encoding, this Image search like this will list your website images with the image name and the search phrase used in the image Alt text.

Attract blind

except by using the Alt tag pictures to more effectively attract search engines, there are some software can read the pages to blind Internet users. By adding an Alt tag to your image, it provides the image information of this software, which can be’read’ by blind users. Not only can you attract more users by adding Alt tags to the pictures, you can also comply with the website design standards for disabled users of the website.

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